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10 Essential Skills to Become an Efficient Front End Developer in 2020

Front End Developer 2020

Front end development is a practice of data conversion to a graphical interface, via using CSS, HTML and JavaScript, so users could see and interact with data. Front-end website development used to be very simple and generic.

Little boredom was eradicated with quick JavaScript fixes but in the end, these fixes could be avoided by disabling JavaScript over the browser.  For nearly a decade, the front end has been the determining element for the success of any app, web application or any software that communicates with people.

This year, full stack app development is extremely popular. The term came up because of the demand of talented developers in the IT industry as well as the scarcity of eligible ones. A full-stack developer is considered to be knowledgeable about end-to-end website development.

Hiring another source for front-end, database and back end development means incurring most expenses, but guarantees the efficacy of each. Thus, hiring reliable and experienced professionals who could manage front end and back-end is beneficial.

Skills To Be Front End Developer

The Front-End Developer
The Front-End Developer

Front end developers implement the designs of a website via using coding languages, which include HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Although not as common anymore, developers of front-end solutions are at times called the ‘client-side developers’ to differentiate them from back end developers whose job is to program what goes behind the scenes, such as databases.

Proceeding to any website, the work of the front-end developer could be seen everywhere, in the layouts, navigation and even in how the website looks different from a mobile device.

The Most Viable Skills for Front-End Development In 2020


Is a client-side programming language that defines functionalities. It coordinates with the features of a website as well as the style sheet elements. Moreover, JavaScript is used to build to make transaction between numerous pages, with the help of the old query string method. Partial loading of web pages and asynchronous tasks are possible because of JavaScript. For video, audio, animation and hat features, the library of JS and jQuery extensions are utilized for faster functionalities broadly used by full-stack website development services.


The traditional language is HTML, it’s the language that communicates with the browser, and thus knowledge in HTML is the most basic and essential requirement for front-end development. Moreover, HTML informs a browser regarding web page structuring. CSS is also responsible for page styling and the enhancement of the user interface. Both HTML and CSS are technologies that help web developers build websites that are useful. Whether a page has graphics or animation, CSS and HTML are a critical part of any web page.

JavaScript frameworks

The frameworks make the JavaScript code easier and make faster development. There are several frameworks that a developer can use, depending on the requirements, such as the following:

The framework developed by Facebook

It enables developers create reusable User Interface components. It has the properties that enable building scalable, dynamic and single-page application. React, in the MVC architecture allows rendering of client and server-side.


Is a popular framework used for building dynamic web applications as well as single-page apps. It can be incorporated into existing projects and easily binds data to HTML.

The framework of JS that’s widely used for web development. It’s more agile and flexible. It’s suitable for SPAs. Furthermore, it provides DOM manipulation as well as a two-way binding.

CSS preprocessing

An advanced version of CSS. Its’ a better version of the basic CSS classes, which boosts web features. It not just boost styling in CSS, it also helps developers lessen the effort of writing CSS. LESS, SaaS and Stylus are three preprocessors that convert code 5.

Version Control

Otherwise known as Git, is the most popular software for a large development team. The system helps in collaborating with changes, making better software development processes. Git, also known as Github keep tabs of the changes. Furthermore, a developer could build the branch, do changes and delete or commit the changes. Moreover, developers could perform test operation over Fork branches, saving long code from spoiling and thus used widely by full-stack development.

Automation tools

The three basic pillars of front-end development are CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Collectively, these three make functional User Interface and is used widely used as the best practices in website development. Automated building software makes front-end development easier. Performance is measured usually during loading time.

Browser tools

They’re nothing but browser component that helps develop browser-friendly pages. This helps a developer boost the quality of User Interface and provide optimum web development services. The web page functionality is tested over the browser. A developer could make tweaks with live preview as well as test the JavaScript code here. The Inspector allows a developer to separately check the CSS, HTML and JavaScript console.

Testing and Debugging

Regardless if it’s a small website of a huge app, testing and debugging is a critical part of the process of development. Coding contains less bugs and errors all the time, regardless of the competence and the experience of developers. A front-end developer should know about the testing and debugging process. Working knowledge of tools, including Jasmine and Selenium makes things easier.

Responsive design

A User Interface is the gateway to the software or web application. The user is versatile as well. Surfing through a personal computer or mobile device is the choice of the user. The UI of a web page should be compatible with different screen sizes. Expertise in responsive design and Bootstrap template development could be a viable option for a front-end developer.

Command lines

The graphical UI is used for building the page and perform front end tasks. Nonetheless, to provide functionality, the Command line is used as well. A competent front-developer uses the command line.

Front-end web development has become a profitable venture for many people across the globe. Nonetheless, just like everything else, and with any career, there are pros and cons in becoming a developer.

Five Advantages of Front-End Development

  1. Apps and features are more responsive. The latest front-end framework lets the best developers build applications with responding and quick features. They’re flexible and fast in their structure, enabling an app to rapidly respond with a single tap.
  2. Secured coding. The framework is absolutely secure, which is one of the biggest benefits these days of cyber criminals just waiting to invade one’s digital space. Front-end development ensures a smoother and more secure functioning on any web browser.
  3. Technology that has so many benefits.Front-end development is backed by an easy to learn, use and scale technology. These technologies have undergone numerous precise recurrences and so they provide a user-friendly experience in the layer construction.
  4. Gives real-time programming. Website developers benefit a front-end development the most. From observing all browser modifications to having no fear of losing the status of the web app, together with repeated loading of browser pages, website developers could get it all.

Advice for Aspiring Front-End Developers

The key is to never stop learning. Web development, both front and back for that matter changes rapidly and is arguably faster compared to other development genre. It’s also important to have side projects, particularly those that cover ground outside of work. It is one of the best ways to challenge one’s self in the real sense and to keep on growing.

Another important consideration is to be open to change. There definitely are new interests along the way. Consider going to web projects with an open mind and with a willingness to handle any challenge.

Front-end developers are in demand for every kind of software. Experience do not occur overnight, but is gained over time, which is the only key to flawless web development. For a full stack app development, the front end is a vital part. Developers with ample knowledge about it could ensure great days ahead.

Olivia Diaz is working at eTatvaSoft, an Enterprise level Web & Mobile Application Development Company. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets. Follow me on twitter.

10 Essential Skills to Become an Efficient Front End Developer in 2020#EssentialSkills #FrontEndDeveloper

Posted by Etech Spider on Monday, March 23, 2020

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