YouTube Music Is Now Available for Android and iOS

YouTube is all set to take its fashionableness one step ahead by launching the latest addition of it named ‘YouTube Music’. YouTube is now world’s second largest search engine, just after its parent multi-national company Google. It is also a world’s largest movie streaming portal in terms of views.

Now the video streaming giant is just trying to take on the subject ‘online music streaming’, which becoming quite of a trend to the smartphone users by launching its new free application, YouTube Music.

The free version of it is ad-supported and users can also download it for free. However, if you don’t like ad to bother you while listening to music, then YouTube Red Subscription is the best option for you.

The three most well-received subject or verticals of google around the world are Gaming, Kids and Music. And it is clear that Google is trying to gain more attention in terms of online music streaming. Over the year a large section of views came from Music videos around the world.

Let it be Psy’s Gangnam style or Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, the music videos generated billions of traffics on YouTube. So, it is quite justifiable why google went for a different section of YouTube that too only for Music.

In some ways the free version of YouTube Music is really pointless. As you will get all the premium features that are no available on the regular YouTube application only after subscribing for YouTube Red.

So, it would be wrong to acknowledge it as a free music application, as users need to pay to get all the new features. Well, the app is now available for both iPhone and Android Smartphones.

YouTube Red Premium Features

So, what are the premium features that are worth paying for? First of all, with YouTube Red Subscription it will get rid of all the annoying ads. It will also allow the users to play music offline or with your screen off.

Background music playing option while using other application and listening to audio mode of a music video will also be added if you of course pay to subscribe for YouTube Red.

Anyway, Every New Users of YouTube Music will get a 14 days of free trial of YouTube Red and if loved then it can be extended for another month from the settings

Can We Consider YouTube Music as an Out of the Ordinary Music Streaming Portal?

NO! Keeping all the disappointments of YouTube Music in mind, we still have to admit that YouTube is indeed a large and most credible music platform available. It is the only video and music streaming platform which generated more than 1 billion views on a single music video, i.e. ‘Gangnam style’.

But in terms of discovery of Music, YouTube is not really a good choice, at least the report says so. As only 7% of YouTube respondents use the portal as their music discovery tool, which clearly defines that YouTube is great of listening but not so great for music discovery.

On that note, we expected Google to introduce some cutting edge features to improve the section, but we didn’t see anything like that in ‘YouTube Music’.

Centralizing that weak point Google could face lots of competition from music or video streaming apps like Spotify,Mixradio, Showbox and many other leading music streaming applications. Also, some of the leading Music portal is going for a PC version to engage more audience.

Like officials of Showbox recently announced a version named Showbox for PC. Anyway, we expected YouTube Music to change everything we know of Online Music Streaming but it didn’t really meet the expectations of the audiences.

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