A Wrap Is Just What You Need For Your Nexus 6P


There’s nothing like getting a new phone and taking it out of the box for the very first time. It’s a moment when you realize you’ve got the best phone on the market.

It’s also a moment marked by possibility. Your new Nexus 6P is a blank slate when you lift it out of its packaging, meaning you can install (or uninstall) all of your favourite apps and tweak its settings to make it truly yours.

But when you spend this much time customizing the inside of your phone, why would you let the outside go untouched?

As your Nexus 6P sits in your hand, you can fully appreciate its 178 gram weight. It’s not a tiny phone by any sense of the word, but it isn’t like the car phones of yesterday. Those phones could survive a bit of a beating or the occasional drop. The delicate hardware of your 6P cannot. Rough and careless handling can lead to damaging drops that could permanently ruin your phone. Considering how it houses all of your contact information, calendar, pictures, and other important details you use daily, you can’t afford to see your phone shatter on the ground.

A Nexus 6P wrap is the best way to protect your precious smartphone from such dangers. It’s made out of a hardy vinyl that fits around your 6P like a glove. That’s because it’s cut to measure the exact dimensions of your phone every time. Combined with the Gorilla Glass built into your Nexus, it leaves no square millimetre untouched.

The vinyl material makes it easier to hold, so you’re less likely to drop it. It also can withstand a lot of abuse that would otherwise damage your phone, like scratches, dings, and grime. Underneath it all, your 6P lies unharmed.

While a wrap will protect your Nexus, it’s also a great way to customize the look of it. Just like how you can find a huge selection of apps on the Play Store, you can find a great collection of wraps for your 6P online. Keep an eye out for those providers that can guarantee a precision fit on all of their wraps, so you know that the wrap you choose can protect your 6P from wear and tear.

Not all providers can do that, so make sure you read the fine print on their website. The selection of skins and wraps from dbrand have no need for fine print because dbrand advertises their fit, quality, and process for all of their visitors. They also have amazing options for your Nexus, so your wrap can look as unique as your 6P really is.

The wrap Nexus 6P owners want is different for everyone. Some like bright and flashy colours to hide the boring Frost, Graphite, and Aluminum stock options. Other likes to play around with textures like black leather and mahogany. The choice is yours. Personalize your 6P inside and out!

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