New WPF Text Editor Control To Hit The Market


Every webmaster knows the importance of an html editor that will give them full control without all the hassles especially if they manage several different websites or blogs.

Having the proper HTML Editor that will save them time also save them money and this is the reason many look for one that offers all the features they need to quickly do their work and enjoy the rest of the day.


The new HTML Editor offers all the features that you will more than likely want to ease your task. You have control over the menu toolbar and can actually have access to the features that you use more often instead of going through an entire list to find the one you need for each project. The user is able to automatically have the text checked for spelling, embed local images, and handle large documents.

Other features include the support of Document HTML and Body HTML mode, pasting from MS Word without the tags which means no more revisions just clean XHTML, advanced tag navigator, insert rows and columns with ease, split single cells, split multiple cells, apply borders, apply shading, and so much more with one editor.

The HTML editor wpf is going to change the way you prepare content for websites, emails, and blogs. With an easy to use interface which allows you to customize the menu so you can actually have the tools you need in reach instead of searching for the one you need. Not only will you be able to finish your projects faster, but you will only have to use one editor which will also save time.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the new editor is going to be a breeze to use and offers many features that are similar to MS Word so you will not have to learn new ways to create your content for business meetings or for creating a clients website.

Increase productivity and ensure the coding is correct each time is answered with the new editor. Of course, if you love to write your own HTML coding, then you are not going to love this new editor. But for those that have other things they wish to do than sit and write code all day, the new editor will give them plenty time of to enjoy life and complete all their work in a timely manner.

The editor will be launching soon, so keep your eyes open for this tool that will make your life easier and much more manageable.

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