Is It Worth Paying Extra for HD Television?

HD Television

In this fast paced, technology crazy world, HD TV is becoming a paramount necessity  to regular TV viewers. HD Television is sharper, clearer and more lifelike.

Most common forms of HD are 720p, TV’s with a slightly more than double resolution of standard definition, and 1080p , which has more than quintuple the picture information than standard definition, making the images on the screen seem more lifelike.

HD Television

However, many people speculate whether investing in HD TV services is sensible. In this article I weigh up the pros and cons of HD television services to determine whether it really is worth incurring the extra costs for high definition viewings.

Pros of HD TV:
The high resolution of HD TV presents beautiful images on TV behind a sheer, transparent screen. The viewer knows the images behind the screen are unreal but the quality of high definition makes them believe what they see is real.

For many people the advantages of high definition TV include paramount sound quality, wide screen viewing and cleaner images. They also provide smoother motion, more natural and vibrant colors and the ability to allow a number of input devices to work together simultaneously.

They not only enhance the picture of programs, movies and TV shows but also the quality of the sound. This gives viewers an intense and high quality viewing experience, making the images on screen seem lifelike. HD TV is shown in a ratio of 16:9 as opposed to the standard 4:3 of standard sets, providing a more powerful and life like view, similar to that of a cinema screen.

Cons of HD TV:
Whilst high definition TV sets have many advantages, there are some costly disadvantages. HD screens cost more than the substandard televisions because of the advanced technological features. Satellite and cable companies charge additional monthly fees for providing HD TV users with HD programming. Depending on whether a TV has inbuilt high resolution or whether you require a HD receiver the costs of HD TV services vary between $10 and $300.

In addition, high definition televisions typically require an HDMI cable in order for the TV to receive HD signals or a HD tuner to allow a signal to be pulled in from an antenna. When purchasing a HDTV, there are additional costs involved such as warranties, start-up assistance, security software etc.

Taking into consideration all of the initial running costs of a HD TV, many people find the costs heavy on the pockets and not worth the enhanced features HD TV boasts.

Are HD TVs worth paying extra for?
High definition screens are rapidly growing and developing in today’s modernized and fast paced world; there are several DIRECTV Packages from for viewers to choose from. The question of whether they are worth paying extra for depends entirely on how often they are used and what they are used for. For example, TV lovers who watch TV shows, movies, play video games etc. on a daily basis would benefit greatly from HD TV services, as it improves their viewing experience and allows them to watch channels in high resolution. For such viewers the extra costs are worth it, considering they get to watch channels at the same quality as going to the movies.

For others, who are not so keen on watching TV on a regular basis, the costs can be a burdensome and an unnecessary extravagant addition to their expenses, especially when taking into account that HD services are now available on smartphones and Android devices; why would one incur additional costs of HD TV services when one can access similar HD viewing on mobile phones free or at cheaper prices?

The worth of paying extra for high definition is subjective and individual to every person. However, with rapidly increasing mobile technology features and services I wouldn’t be surprised if the next 10 years or so see HD TV replacing most standard television sets and services. Irrespective of costs, people are regularly upgrading technology to keep up with the constantly changing times, and HD TV viewing has become prominent among-st tech lovers.

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