What Can We Expect With iPhone 7?


Apple has gained its reputation for building phones that other companies try to emulate. It’s design, user friendly interface and features have gained Apple a large fan following.

As can be expected the grapevine is already abuzz with news about the specifications of the iPhone 7.

So what does the iPhone 7 have that sets it apart from its counterparts?

There is a lot of speculation but a number of reliable sources have given us a peek into what the future holds for Apple’s newest member.

Here Are Features, We Expect With iPhone 7.

#1. Wireless charging

The iPhone 7 is all set to ditch the normal charging ports for a more classy wireless charging approach. Though many speculate about the charging speed, the MSN news report reminds us that Apple never launches any technology that isn’t top notch material which leads us to believe that the new generation wireless charging is just as efficient as using charging ports.

#2. The Multi Touch, 3D Touch Technology

Though the multi touch isn’t a new technology in iPhones, Apple has been hinting at integrating this technology with the 3D touch technology. It’s mechanism of work is simple. Use two fingers as a shortcut to go back to the previous screen. The three finger touch can be used as a shortcut for other important functions.

#3. Dual Cameras

A lot of talk has been going on about the iPhone 7’s dual cameras. Though it is rumoured that this technology was originally meant for the iPhone 6S, it appears that Apple has chosen to incorporate it in the iPhone 7. This long awaited feature allows the user to use an optical zoom. This leaves scope for better photographs in comparison to the phones which offer the digital zoom. The phone is believed to have a 12MP primary camera and a RGBW sensor. Two lens system is perfect for clicking amazing snaps.

#4. Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition has become the latest vogue. Apple is all set to test out the waters with this new technology. The internet is abuzz with the news that Apple is going to ditch their traditional home button in favour of its new fingerprint recognition software. The great part about this software is that it can be used anywhere on the screen.

#5. A New Configuration

The iPhone 7 is set to give the new generations of Apple phones a face lift in terms of RAM configuration. The iPhone 7 is supposed to have a 3 GB RAM and is set to be released on the iOS9 platform. It said to be extremely fast as not only does it have the latest operating software but also Apple’s latest quad core processor and quad core graphics.

#6. A New and Improved Screen

An article that was published in the newsletter of Business Technology explains that the iPhone 7 screen is dramatically different. The edge to edge bezel free screen has reinvented the normal standard iPhone look. It is rumoured that even the glass that is used for the screen has been changed! The screen is also said to be a little larger than other iPhones. It’s estimated to be around 5.8″ large.

#7. A Waterproof Phone

Hold your breath as Apple takes the future of smartphones to a whole new level. The iPhone 7 is supposed to be waterproof! Most fans consider this great news. It gives the iPhone 7 a definite edge over other phones. Now iPhone users will no longer have to worry about water damage!

Apple has always been known for selecting the best advancements and incorporating them in their phones. That is probably the reason why it is so popular among its users.

According to Meteor there was a huge interest in the iPhone 6 when it was just released. They speculate that the same is going to happen with the release of the iPhone 7.

Apple’s large fan following is willing to pay for the best, and till date Apple has never been one to disappoint. The iPhone 7 has got everyone’s hopes up.

Will Apple meet expectations once again? We’ll just wait and see!

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