Valuable Insights on the iPhone 5C


Trade circles had the information that Apple would be coming up with much cheaper version of their iconic iPhone.

Apple hoped to lure the budget conscious customers with the economy gadget, particularly those in upcoming markets.

Apple wanted to increase its sale substantially and 5C was the masterstroke in this direction.

What all is offered by 5C? We will start with the appearance.


The back covers are of bright candy colors that are visible at night. These are suitable for boasting while moving around the beaches but not for the corporate boardroom.

Reducing the price appears to be an alibi as iPhone wanted to screech fun and this is what has been done. On picking up the phone, you will find polycarbonate shell quite sturdy removing your fear of being fragile. The phone can be held firmly in contours of the palm and the fingers. It is a good phone for the users in developing countries where people travel in the overcrowded transport. It is a budget iPhone. It has single speaker grill and four perforations but it has not affected its audio quality. Amazon coupons can be used to get the iPhone 5C.

Display and OS
On switching on phone you are greeted with new iOS 7. It has used award winning technology of retina display. The text and the graphics appear elevated and are crisp. Learning from experience Apple has embedded lock screen and the home page with the background wall paper that matches color of back cover. It means that on buying iPhone 5C of pink shell, you will be able to view background layers in pink. 5C offers all the features of iOS7.

5C has the same processor A6 as the iPhone5 which indicates that performance parameters are superb. It supports futuristic 4G networks. Apple also claims better performance of the battery.

The camera capacity these days is the deciding factor for purchasing phone. 5C has the camera suit of iPhone 5 in hardware department but there is little improvement in software courtesy iOS7.

Array of filters
You can shoot with filter on or may apply filter after the capture of image. You can remove filter applied to image. Camera function can be launched easily. Only swipe is required to start shooting. You can shoot HD quality images quickly. Your experience with this camera will be refined, smooth and effortless. CouponMama should be checked out for latest coupons and deals.

Despite iPhone 5C being budget phone, it has been able to get better treatment because it is not below the expected Apple standard performance. Its polycarbonate back cover of multi color is well compensated by better battery performance, new powerful OS and superior image and video capturing capabilities.

Polycarbonate cover is quite sturdy and safe. But it certainly is not stylish compared to what is produced by Apple which is always of very superior quality. Its price is another factor that discourages more potential buyers. Slight reduction in cost has not had the desired effect as it has not succeeded in influencing the buyers.

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