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In the present era, WhatsApp is said to be the world’s most used instant messaging app globally. It already enjoys a strong user’s base of around one billion users around the world and the count is only growing. WhatsApp keeps working on the new features and updates to its app to provide new features to its consumers. A heavy competition is going on with the other messaging apps and hence it has listed a bunch of new features.

The WhatsApp status feature is expected to undergo a series of changes soon, with several hints of the same appearing on the beta versions of the app across different platforms. Recently, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for the Windows Phone has exhibited that the Facebook-owned company has bought functionalities with the improved status Section.

In the future, WhatsApp will let you mute and unmute status notifications for specific users, and even let the folks view the mute list if required. The new WhatsApp status Feature will also let the folks reply to their contact’s status messages, a feature that seems to be imitated from the Snapchat Stories.

While coming to the recall factor, this one will allow the folks to call back an already sent message that is not ready by the receiver. This way, one can get the message returned to you unread. In addition to the recall, there seems to be an edit feature that will let the folks edit a sent message that is yet to be read. The main criterion to be noted is that the competitors of WhatsApp including Telegram and BBM have similar features.

While the edit and recall features are not new ones, these will be useful to the WhatsApp users. The leaked images seem to have taken from android Beta new versions. Both the features seem to be disabled by default and there is no idea when they will be activated for the beta users.

Later on, WhatsApp rolled out updates to the iOS users letting them send messages when without an active internet connection. The messages will be queued up and sent to the receiver once the Smartphone is connected to the internet. More recently, WhatsApp rolled out the ability to share up to thirty files instead of ten. This is a feature that is restricted to Android beta users for now.

In its traditional days, the Android users were able to send GIF s that was stored on their device. Now, the Android users can access the Giphy library right from the scratch of the app and share them with their friends. The iOS users can edit the GIF s to add text or emojis before sharing the same. This feature is yet to be rolled out to the consumers.

However, the Android users can start the GIFs for quick access. The other feature is a long awaited one. It is possible to share up to thirty media files on WhatsApp where the count has been increased to twenty. With this feature, the users can send more media files conveniently. The previous limit of sharing just ten files at a time was too slow and quite frustrating in many cases.

Whether the WhatsApp users are being tricked?
A few years back, the folks might have seen or read about the scam messages circulating in the WhatsApp. According to a recent report, the tricky messages have been floating around in the messaging app, suggesting that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will soon start for their services. The most important factor related to the tricky messages continuously appearing in WhatsApp could be the popularity factor of the app. It is one of the most popular messaging apps used by the billions of people around the world. So the scammers or the cyber intruders are taking advantage of this popularity and sending scam and tricky messages to reach a huge number of people. However, there doesn’t seem to be any danger to those participating in the tricks, except for wasting their time. And also, the folks can be assured that no such charges will be imposed as WhatsApp won’t charge for its consumers, while Facebook also keeps its services free to its users. The experts have warned to delete and ignore such messages instead of forwarding to their friends or colleagues.

According to the recent report:
Recently, WhatsApp has bought the hiding of the last seen status feature to the Windows Phone as well. The report has claimed the updated WhatsApp for Windows Phone app is in private beta ad has been rolled out only to a selected list of folks. Apart from the last seen status notification, the updated app also brings in the gallery. It is said to be that there will be a massive update in the future for the WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Reports of WhatsApp for Windows Phone app in private beta claim users will also be able to control who in their contact lists see their profile photo and status through the privacy control settings.

The reports also mention that in the event users hide their status, they will not be able to view the statuses of their contacts as well. Another new feature supposedly includes in the WhatsApp for Windows Phone app is the Background gallery. The expert team has said that they have added six new background wallpapers in addition to allowing the users to take photos, search pictures from the Web and even delete pictures. The features like Media Auto download and Custom notification have also been spotted in the beta version.

WhatsApp Status Alerts and Mute Option:
A WhatsApp beta watcher shared the screenshots of WhatsApp beta for the Windows Phone with the button mute/unmute status alerts. Once the mute option is enabled, the statuses of those contacts won’t show up in the Status section. You won’t get push notifications for these users whenever they change their WhatsApp statuses as well.  It has also been said that a person will be able to reply to WhatsApp statuses as well, and have a conversation, just like on Snapchat Stories.

The new WhatsApp Statuses has been cropping up on many versions of Android and iOS as well. The feature is essentially looking to notify users when one of their contacts changes their status message. However, there are a lot of enhancements coming for the WhatsApp Status feature, most notably the push notification, and the ability to delete the status in twenty-four hours. The WhatsApp Android version is tipped to get a separate tab for Statuses, joining the existing chats, calls, and contacts tab.

Whether notifications will be sent if the users change the status?
A recent report suggests that WhatsApp users may get a feature that would allow the folks to get notifications when any of their friends change their status messages. It is said to be that this feature is already being worked upon and may be released as beta versions for now. In addition, WhatsApp is expected to bring in more improvements in the status feature. It might also include other features such as push notification, and the ability to delete the status in twenty-four hours. In terms of design, the app could also get a separate space for Status, along with Chats, calls, and Contacts tab.

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