Whatsapp is quickly granting popularity among LG mobile holders because of stability and unmatched quality of application.

We cannot take Whatsapp as a simple messenger, it’s a multi functional application especially designed for high level communication.

These are the common features that can be enjoyed with application absolutely free of cost. You can expand the capabilities of application with fixed charges associated with it. You can create account on Whatsapp with your mobile number. As soon as you will register your account, it will show list of friends already using Whatsapp. You just have to type message to communicate with particular Whatsapp user.

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#1. The application receives messages from other contacts automatically
#2. Message transfer is absolutely free of cost
#3. Different mobile platforms can be connected through single number
#4. Just type your message through keypad and click on send button directly
#5. There is also option of sending video and audio messages instantly
#6. You can also share your list of contacts with friends
#7. Update your status frequently to grab attention of your friends and visitors.
#8. There is also one option for exchanging files between users.

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There are millions of symbols that can be exchanged with a single click to express your mood. You can also check the status of message delivery and exchange videos instantly. As soon as you send the message, there is single tick at the below part of message. When it is delivered, single tick gets converted to double tick. When user reads the message double ticks are converted into blue color. It simplifies the answer of the question – “Has he received or read out my message”?

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The simplicity and stability of program makes it robust and more popular among users. It is good news for LG mobile users who wanted to save their hard earned money on messages.

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