TV Technology: What’s Next? UHD Resolution, 4K, LED, OLED, Curved TVs & 3D TVs


A few years ago television had been the dominant media but as new channels made their way to the popular culture, more and more people chose to replace it with other options like laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.

However, recently we have witnessed a surge in television industry as manufacturers are coming up with technologies that have given a new dimension to television viewing. From UHD resolution to 4K, LED screens to OLED and now, curved TVs and 3D TVs – it is safe to declare that television industry is on its way to revival.

However, television manufacturers and vendors haven’t pulled stops to developing new technologies. In fact, they are constantly working on upgrading and changing existing technology to make the TV viewing experience more brighter, realistic, interactive and immersive. In addition to this, even satellite companies are coming up with new packages to be able to meet the growing demands. With higher quality television sets available, there is need to have higher quality content as well. There are now many packages like, Choice Package, that offer standard, 3D and HD channels.

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Here are some of the future TV technology in the works that you can expect to see soon in the future.

High Frame Rate

After Hobbit, more and more movies are increasingly being filmed at a high frame rate (HFR) which promises to surpass even the 4K resolution display. Increasing the images displayed at twice the usual rate from 24 frames per second (FPS) to 48 FPS, HFR has set a new standard to the viewing experience.

As a result, HRF will soon be the new norm. No longer is it going to be restricted to cinemas, as HFR will be increasingly employed to broadcast games, news, reality shows and much more. HFR offers a more realistic feel to the picture with increased clarity. The images are much more detailed as they offer increasing visual information to the viewers.

Most of the TV sets today support a HFR of 48 FPS, and beyond (60 FPS, 120 FPS). Thus, you can expect more TV content being broadcast at a higher frame rate as legions of video graphers adopt this technology.

Higher Dynamic Range

There is always room for improvement when it comes to capturing picture quality and color contrast. TV manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways that can improve the picture quality. 4K TV is the most recent technology which delivers 4 times the resolution Ultra HD offers.

However, it doesn’t seem enough as manufacturers are working on a new television parameter, Higher Dynamic Range (HDR).

HDR will offer more vivid colors as well as added depth to the picture. Traditional TV sets don’t cover all the details a picture has to offer as it only allows you to see limited detail. With HDR TVs all the detail is covered effectively as you can see both, the brighter and darker sides of the image simultaneously. Thus, offering an ultra realistic view – HDR promises visuals that are bound to impress and entice the viewers.

Wideband Reception

Smartphones have already made our everyday life convenient. To enjoy further convenience, manufacturers are working on tying your cell phones to your TV sets with the help of wideband reception. Basically, you can stream content on your phone which can be played on the TV, without having to connect your phone to TV with an HDMI cable. This is because, the two devices will be connected via high gigahertz frequency range within a short distance.

Stick-to-the-wall TV

The recently introduced OLED TV has astonished the viewers greatly. After LCD and LED, who would have thought that TVs could get further sleeker and slimmer. Well, the new OLED TVs have certainly negated any doubt we ever had regarding TVs not being able to get more thinner. In fact, LG has recently demonstrated their new OLED TV screen that can be sticked to the wall (through a magnetic mat), because it’s so thin!

While these TV technologies are relatively new, and some of them are still a work in progress, they have indeed redefined the viewing experience. There are many other TV technologies that are in the process of development that makes TV more desirable to the viewers. New technologies are introduced every now and then, which makes it necessary for you to be keep up with them.

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