Best 5 Smartwatches You Can Buy in 2016


Smartphones are old school. As technological advancement takes place, we’re bombarded with newer innovations that change the way we’re used to seeing life.

One new introduction to a long list of technological innovations is the addition of Smartwatches.

As the name suggests they’re a lot more equipped to tell more than just the time.

A lot of well-known companies from Apple to Sony are indulging in the manufacture and promotion of Smartwatches and if you are contemplating on buying one.


Here are a few top notch Smartwatches you absolutely cannot miss:

Apple iWatch

When it comes to sophistication and innovation, Apple is a pioneer. They are always striving to give their customers the best. They’re available in two sizes and its touchscreen is easily viewable at different angles and can withstand the glaring sun as well. The smartphone enables you to receive calls, texts and various notifications from apps to keep you up to date. You can also use the watch to make payments thanks to its NFC chip. It also comes equipped with fitness features to tell you about your heart beat etc. to keep you in good shape.  It has an 18 hour battery life and is a great smartwatch with winning qualities!


This is a smartwatch well worth your money. You get access to over 6000 various apps with a variety of colors including white, red and black among a few and water resistant models to show the world your style statement. It notifies you about various mails and texts and can also keep track of your fitness through apps like Runkeeper and its display is highly eligible even in sunlight. You can even go for a stainless steel version but the original watch is much smarter. It has a battery life of 7 days to keep you on the go.

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LG Urbane

The watch has a unique leather and stainless steel design to give you not just a smart but a stylish watch. It has the ability to light up with a new notification and you can use various gestures to control it. You can download various apps like health apps to keep you in check and to – do apps to keep your life routine in check as well. You can even play games and connect it with the Wi-Fi. You can use voice commands and it comes with a great heart rate monitor to keep updated about your health and general well-being. It has a battery life of 2 days and is a great offering.

Moto 360

This great watch has a neat stainless steel circular dial and a great 320×290 pixel resolution. It has a lot of features including its ability to follow Google Voice Commands and keep you constantly alert with Google Notifications. Its heart rate censor is present on the underside and one of its great feature is that it can recharge wirelessly. The watch is not only water resistant but comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection making it scratchproof. With a 2 day battery life, this watch is a must have!

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Samsung Gear 2

The Gear 2 is a great offering from the master of technology, Samsung. It has an inbuilt microphone and can also make and receive calls whilst in your pocket making it a really trendy futuristic watch. You can now look up contacts with ease, get weather forecast and do a lot more with Samsung’s S Voice technology. This isn’t all; it has a camera and a heart rate monitor as well. This truly lives up to its name of being a smartwatch.

Get these amazing watches and declare to the world that you have arrived in style wearing the best technology on your wrist!

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