Top Free Android apps that are must-download

free android apps

Since you’re already paying a fortune for your smartphone’s monthly data plan, why pay for apps too when there are some you can get for free?

The Google Play Store is like a massive ocean populated with some of the most incredible species of fish. Some apps are a must, while others just make our lives easier.

Starting from games and social networking tools, to news readers, photo editor and utilities, we have to admit that making a selection is tough. Here are some of the most acclaimed free Android apps for your device.

free android apps

If you’re a music fanatic, Shazam is the Android app you just have to download on your device. It is a music app that allows you to identify songs that are playing around pubs and clubs. Basically, if you like what you hear and you don’t recognize the song, all you have to do is connect to the internet and press “Touch to Listen”. You can also listen to the lyrics and save found songs to “My Tags”.

With over 100 million users, Instagram is a photo app that lets users take photos and add filters to enhance their appeal and make them look better, more attractive. After you’ve selected your filter, feel free to share the photo on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Collect followers by building a h2 profile, upload the coolest photos and make lots of friends with Instagram.

Open Table
Android application to find and book table for dinner in restaurant in USA, Canada and Maxico. This restaurant android application will help to find and book hotel, restaurant in Mexico, Canada and USA.

With OpenTable, dining out has never been easier. This apps lets users book reservations in over 200,000 eateries, bistros and restaurants across the US, Mexico and Canada. Download the app on your Android phone, choose a date and a time, choose your table and you’re done. Also, you can search for restaurants on the map, narrow your search by adding filters (price range, cuisine type, neighborhood, etc) and assess reviews and menus. If you a foodie type of person, then OpenTable is certainly an app you just have to download.

Contacts +
Forget about old-fashioned address books and download Contacts+. This app is the perfect replacement. It helps users keep their contact list organized, and it syncs with your communications and social media accounts. Contacts + imports the information automatically from authorized accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Also, cover pictures are filled automatically from people’s Facebook pages.

GT Racing 2
The Android marketplace is packed with all sorts of free games, yet not all of them are worth downloading. If you’re the adventurous type, then Game loft’s GT Racing 2 is exactly what you need. Featuring over 60 licensed cars and 13 tracks, this free racing game will exceed all your expectations. There are various game modes available, too – Knockouts, Duels and Overtakes. Also, you can participate in different types of race events, and even test your abilities in multiplayer races. There’s a built-in screenshot function and various camera modes available too, if you’d like to immortalize your wins and enjoy the slick graphics.

WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app for your phone. It comes with the easiest setup and it automatically syncs with your smartphone’s contact list. The app is add-free and users can send photos, texts and voice messages free of charge in the first year. After that, it costs $0.99 to keep using it. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in February this year, so we must admit that the app is pretty groundbreaking.

Now that you know which Android apps are truly worth downloading, you should get started. Check the App Store and populate your device with some of the coolest and most entertaining free apps.

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