Nokia Lumia 525. Music is one thing which is required at every point in life, and for music lovers it is very important to have music by their side 24x7. So one need to have some real great smartphone devices so that they can listen music whenever they want.

In the Indian market there are some of the best smartphones which are best for the music lovers. Some of the top brands are now catering to those who have interest in music as well apart from photography and games.



Apple is known to be among one of the best smartphones for music lovers. iPhone 5s from Apple uses an audio chipset like the wolf son, cirrus on the models which helps in creating an incredible music experience. Even the earphones comes with an excellent design and build quality. One can listen to music for hours as the output quality is very good. iPhone 5s delivers immersive 3D sound effect through headphones and it produces smooth and pleasant music experience.
Price: 22,990



HTC mobile phones are integrated with audio beats which uses good hardware and software. This helps in providing good quality music and HTC M8 comes out to be the best for both loudspeaker and headphones.
The Headphones for HTC M8 gives a powerful audio output from its headphone jack. The headphones gives out 1.2 volt audio output which gives high performance. The new Bass-To-treble Balancing Software gives a surround sound experience which is not loud for the ears. The Loudspeakers for M8 comes with dual front “Boom sound” speakers which delivers deep bass sound.
Price: 35,800

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This smartphone was very well focused for music lovers and proved to be a great one. It comes with fitted pair of audio chips. It goes well with the built in DTS Headpones which bing ahigh range of surround sound effect. This device comes with a good battery support as one can listen to good music all day.
Price: 33,300


MICROSOFT LUMIA 525 – Music Lover Smartphone

A low budget device and is capable of producing great music. It may be 4th in the list but is value for its money and sound. It comes with much better sound quality as compared to the devices of same range or even higher range devices. The headphones are good and so is the loudspeaker sound is clear and loud. One can download many songs from the marketplace and enjoy.
Price: 6,999


SONY XPERIA Z3 Music Lover Smartphone

Sony is known for its sound quality and the music it provides to its users. Xperia Z3 comes with a walkman app and the new “xloud” technology which makes the sound pretty loud without any disturbance. Even when one is listening to music in a crowded place still the sound in the headphones is quite clear. Sony Xperia Z3 has Sony 3D Surround Sound Technology, where the noise is canceled.
Price: 38,300

These are among the best music smartphones for users who love to listen music. They are offered at different prices and comes with a pair of earplugs for a much better experience.

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