Top 5 Smart Phone Brands in India

top 5 smart phones

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now and is a booming market for all kinds of electronic gadgets. At the forefront of this boom is the vast and dynamic market of smartphones, making India a very lucrative playing field for the largest brands in the business. The Indian market presently is being dominated by global giants like Samsung. However, stiff competition is offered by local players like Micromax, Lava and Karbonn.

The leading smartphone brands that emerged in India during in 2014 are:

The global smartphone making giant is also India’s largest smartphone seller. The following features highlight Samsung’s indomitable force in the Indian market

  • A wide range of phones suited for every budget range coupled with feature loaded phones.
  • Strong global presence and reputation with excellent service facilities available in India make it a very attractive phone for users whose phones go through heavy wear and tear.
  • Samsung had a vast market share of 29% in the second quarter of 2014 of the entire smartphone market in India.
  • Uses the Android operating system that makes customization and data upload easy thus giving Samsung phones an edge over the Apple phones in the high-end smartphone category.
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Micromax leads the hardy bunch of Indian smartphone makers that have been, of late been giving Samsung a run for its money and have been challenging it’s market supremacy. The salient points to be noted in Micromax’ s accession are

  • Micromax today is the second largest smartphone maker in India with an 18% market share.
  • Strong quarter growth in sales has led to predictions that Micromax will overtake Samsung as the largest selling smartphone maker in India by the next year.
  • Micromax too has phones that are very rich in features. However, the advantage that it holds over Samsung is when it comes to pricing. Micromax offers similar features as compared to Samsung phones, but only at a proportion of the cost.
  • Asa result, Micromax is a very reasonable buy for those who are looking for value for money.
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Karbonn is the third largest smartphone player in the Indian market. Even though Karbonn has maintained its market position, it has the distance extend immensely from Micromax.

  • With the introduction of new low-range Chinese maker Xiaomi in the Indian market and the scintillating response received by it, Karbonn will have to pull a rabbit out of its production hat to preserve its market share.
  • Karbonn owns 8% of the market share in the India smartphone market (in the second quarter of 2014)-Karbonn presently operate an Android platform.
  • However, in February 2014, Karbonn announced the introduction of the range of it’s Windows phone.

Lava with a 6% of market share is presently the fourth largest smartphone seller in India. With the launch of its Iris Pro 30 smartphone series in India in 2014, Lava has ambitions to wrest away the third spot from Karbonn which would be aiming to consolidate on it’s now slender lead.

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Motorola is the fifth largest smartphone maker in India despite being available only through the online channel.

  • Motorola has managed to hold on to its smartphone market share thanks to an introduction of a series of new, cutting edge designs which offers the owner something different from the usual Samsung-Apple-Blackberry routine.
  • Besides the above brands that hold prominence in the Indian market, there is also a smart presence of other large smart phone makers like Apple (usually in the higher end segment), Sony, LG, Lenovo and the new challengers from China Xiaomi and Huawei.

India is a haven for growth and development and is presently going a technological revolution. There is wide array of options available in the market and it is a win-win situation for both consumers and sellers interested in the smartphone market.

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