Top 5 Predictions for Cloud Computing Trends in 2015

Cloud Computing

2015 is definitely going to be a big year for the cloud computing industry. Now that the industry has proved its worth over the last couple of years, businesses are adopting cloud computing strategies with greater confidence than ever. We have made the following five prediction, therefore with plenty of confidence and after careful study of trends in the industry over the last couple of years and speaking with leading industry insiders.

Full Scale, Enterprise Cloud Deployments will Take Root:
2015 is bound to be the year when companies begin to view the cloud as a strategic investment. This state of affairs will bring about the adoption of full scale, public cloud computing solutions. As a matter of fact, a recent industry wide survey found out that over the next three years, 70% of businesses will deploy anywhere from 10 to 60% of their software applications on public SaaS platforms.

Hybrid Cloud Management Gets Real:
After many years of debating whether the private or public cloud platform is the best solution for businesses, finally cloud computing solution providers in the industry have come up with a way of providing their clients with a cake they can have and eat at the same time: the hybrid cloud. With awareness and acceptance increasing about the promise and evident advantages of migrating to the cloud, more companies will be falling over each other in a bid to be the first to adopt the novel technology. With hybrid cloud solutions offering a more robust way of exploiting the power of the cloud, it is a no-brainer that hybrid cloud management is about to experience exponential growth levels none of us have witnessed up to this point.

SaaS Will Branch out Into Vertical Markets:
During the formative years of the cloud computing industry, focus has predominantly been about horizontal markets. For some time now, experts have been predicting that time is ripe for cloud computing to venture to the brave waters of vertical markets. The predicted revolution has however never materialized. With cost coming down tremendously and more companies even more receptive of the novel technology, 2015 is certain to be the year when cloud computing for vertical markets takes off for the big time.

Mobile Cloud Computing is on the Rise:
2014 witnessed a phenomenal rise in the rise of people adopting mobile computing. While the large majority of such developments have been in the consumer market, the inexorable push for businesses to adopt similar approaches for the office is reaching critical mass. Sometime in 2015, we will see a virtual turning point where the use of cloud based apps, especially those related to communication, will become the norm rather than the exception in offices across the globe. First in line to adopt this trend are companies with large mobile workforces and those which have geographically distributed operations.

Security Concerns on the Decline:
An enormous amount of investment has been poured in securing data stored on the cloud. Many companies up to this point have been eager to move to cloud computing solutions in a bid to cut down costs but the lack of iron-clad assurances of security and encryption has made a good majority of them hesitant. Many players in the market are convinced that the novel security measures taken by cloud computing solution providers, viewed alongside the resounding success of hybrid cloud solutions (which convinced many business CEO’s with cold feet that they can still remain in control of their data and operations even after migrating to the cloud) will take away the fear factor associated with cloud computing once and for all.

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