Top 5 Online Movies App for Android

These days our computers are getting smaller while our phones are getting bigger. Big screens mean better movie viewing. What more does a movie buff want? Oh yes, a great online movie app to go along with it.

Whether you do not have enough time to sit in front of the TV or enough money to purchase cinema tickets every now and then, these top 5 android online movie watching apps are for you. With these, you can enjoy movies on-the-go, in the subway, in lunch breaks or whenever you don’t have access to a television set.

It is perfect because they do not take up space on your disk, and you have millions of choices to browse through. Couple these apps with a high-speed internet connection and you’re good to go! Melted butter on top of popcorn, ain’t it?

Flipps HD
Here you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, YouTube videos and news updates on your Android phone, but with the added benefit of watching it on your TV as well. All you have to do is choose a show, click on it and it will instantly stream to your connected TV without an external app, cable or setup box. Flipps supports Sony TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Samsung TV, LG TV and Chromecast other than your own cell phone. The entertainment is never ending with the 100+ channels to choose from!

All the Anime lovers out there! This app is for you. Not only does it have movies to stream from, but also a pretty good collection of Anime. Their content is officially licensed and is available with multi-language subtitles (we all know the pain).  Other than the famous content around the world, Viewster showcases a wide variety of original movies and TV shows that you may have never heard about, documentaries, horror, and thrillers in particular! It supports Chromecast and movie lovers can easily create watch lists whenever they like.

Now Hubi is a very handy app for those who like to stream and watch movies offline. It can be considered an App tool rather than just a normal movie watching app because it has additional features. Basically, it allows the viewer to generate links, once the show or movie is chosen. When the link is generated, Hubi then allows you to download the content onto your device, that is if you want to view it offline. Other than this, it can help you stream videos and movies, even if they are present on a restricted website.

AirG Movie Chat
This particular application provides a new perspective to online movie streaming. Not only does AirG Movie Chat allow you to stream your favorite movies, you can also chat with your friends on the same application! In case you and your best friend decide to watch a movie at the same time, it’s a hassle to switch back to messenger app to reply to all the juicy movie details and comments. AirG movie chat along with interactive and colorful stickers has tried to solve just that. Other than that company Airg which build this app have a great review rating by his fans on different forums.

If you like watching latest movies on demand, then Crackle is the app you should be downloading next. This app has a collection of high rated Hollywood Movies, Original Series, and TV shows. Their movie lists are updated frequently, which gives you all the more reason to go for this application. Other than full-length viewing, you also have a bonus of going through critic reviews, trailers and cast celebrities of the movies that you want to watch next. Even though this app is amazing, the only reason it isn’t on top is because it is only available in US, Canada, Australia, Brazil or Latin America (sorry Asia!).

So with which app will you be binge watching next?

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