Top 5 iPhone & Android Apps for Moms and Kids

android apps for mom and kids

There are lots of apps which are introduced in the iPhone and Android for the “Moms and little kids” as they need a special pamper from Mom and they are special ones and should be cared a lot.

For these types of moms there are some apps which are specially designed to care for the baby and kids and which are available for the iPhone at the iTunes App store and for Android they are available at the Google Pay store and Android Authority web site.

android apps for mom and kids

Below are some of the apps which are useful for mom and kids’ activities.

#1 Fun on the Run

This is a special app which guides your mom when you are bored of playing in one place. It will assist you as a guide for all the enjoyable places which are near to your home. It shows about the Parks, Playgrounds, Restaurants, Museums and the Play areas which are suitable for your child. You can also add your favourite fun spots in this application.

#2 Tally Tots

It is really a fun loving app which is loved by all the kids. It has 20 exciting games which are loved by kids and gives them the best experience of learning. It is enabled with songs with different activities. There are an audio and video clip that associates the numbers and alphabets with the voices. This app is a kid friendly app which teaches the children how to react to the numbers and alphabets.

#3 Alpha Tots

This app is for Android phones which is the amazing app for the interactive games and it has been awarded for most downloads and to Parents Choice. It has 26 different interactive for each child. It is also having the option of songs which teaches the numbers, alphabets and words. This app is a kid-friendly app in which the child can learn the formation of letters and numbers.

#4 Swapsies

This is a gaming app which has 10 different tasks and it is with six to eight different characters with both genders boys and girls. It is a fun gaming for all the children with lots of quiz and intuitive navigation. You can earn rewards for the completion of the rounds this game is specially made for iPhone and iPod touch. It is a friendly game and can be operated easily by kids.

#5 Colour and Draw for Kids

This game is also an amazing game which is enjoyable for kids and good for moms. It is a complete solution for the kids to draw the things what they really like about their family. It has two backgrounds the one is white and the other is black and gives a great experience of drawing. This app consists of 50 illustrations of art with multitouch support. It is also with 50 voice invitations as the child can follow the instructions and draw the arts. It is also having the options to undo and zoom which are in need for the kids.

The above applications are the widely used app by kids and moms and are downloaded by many people. It will a pleasure of time if you got these apps in your Smartphone.

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