Top 5 Apps: Filmmaking Apps Through Android Phones

film making apps

You don’t have to spend a bomb to shoot movies. There are many who shoot on limited budgets and with minimal resources. Movies or commercials and videos of any kind, needn’t have a large scale budget.

We know how expensive it is to shoot a movie or a commercial, hence having the entire professional touches around, could be something that can rip you off.

film making apps

Let’s then take a look at the top 5 apps for movie making, shall we!!

However, all hope isn’t lost, and there are ways for you to save money while yet using free android tools to get the best in movie making. There are tablet enabled phones which would raise the production levels, at par to those professional movie making units you dream of working with.

The famous Digital Clapper
For those of you who use multiple cameras or maybe external sound recorders such as ZOOM H4n, you would know how tough it is to separate tracks and get them back as one while post-production is on. Worry no more about all of that, since the digital clapper would be the best friend you need at post production.

The digital clapper helps generate timely snapshots for editing. It has also a pin-point sounding system, which works on the same principle as that of the humble clapper board. But that is not all; whatever you shoot would be saved. And this list can then be uploaded easily to your servers. One can even get these exposed to various formats and get them shared with like minded movie making enthusiasts too.

The digital clapper thus is an assurance that all your precious clicks wouldn’t be lost. It also has Timecode and Color chart too. And the digital clapper comes with a report list and shit rating as well.

The famous Kodak Cinema Tools
A reason why budding movie makers have orgasms now and then, thanks to the Kodak cinema tools which makes them wet. It is absolutely free to download and can be used for any film production. Right from a film length calculator to depth of field accuracy, the app gives it all. There is even a glossary library which has filmmaking terminology and lingo explained.

Take a shot with the Light Meter
Light is very important for any shot to convey the right emotions or situation as captured. And that’s why having the best light measuring device would help calibrate the same. Instead of spending so much money buying an expensive and an external light meter, use the one which is already with you. Download the light meter app and use its intensities to the max. It is also known as the Lux meter, and you can calibrate it to your needs with various presets available. But calibrate it first or else the accuracy on readings wouldn’t be true.

The esteemed Remote Prompter
We all know what a teleprompter is; now take a look at the remote prompter. The little master helps with acting and reporting, especially for those who want to be actors, television anchors, journalists or video bloggers at some point in their lives. You can actually use and load any text file on it, increase or decrease the speed as you wish and even use edits with the help of HTML tags.

The best thing using the remote prompter is that you can bold lines you want highlighted and you can also use any keyboard attached to it.

The Fantabulous MyScreenplays Free
A good script makes a good play, and that’s so true. This is an app which would best help the android make you one of the most wanted scriptwriters around. Pen down those ideas and script a story to make ideas come to life using the MyScreenplays Free app.

Need we say anymore?
There are so many wonderful app and thanks to technological advances, the next time we write about them, there would be many more to choose from.

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