The year 2015 has just started and already brought a great deal of bright app releases and updates.

Thanks to app developers, we won’t have time to be sad or bored, since tons of new awesome apps are waiting for our test and feedback.

So let’s review some of them here. Have a look at these top 5 apps worth checking and installing in 2015.

top 5 apps for android

Free Music Download (Free)
is a newcomer in Music category. It was launched shortly before the New Year and became a real hit during holidays. With Free Music Download app you can easily find and save to your iPhone memory any song out of 20 million SoundCloud library. Unfortunately, the tracks are available only inside the app, but this doesn’t spoil the whole picture. The app is very colorful, in iOS 8 style. It lets preview a song before download and easily manage your downloads library. I’m in love with it! Get the app for iOS platform.

Citymaps (Free)
Citymaps is a social mapping platform, which has been finally launched on Android this year. With Citymaps, users have the option to create lists of their favorite places around the town and build personal maps from them. For example, you can create a city walk for your friends, marking your favorite tourist destinations on a map. The app also can suggest new locations you might like to visit in future, share community data and show recommendations from friends. Get the app for iOS and Android.

Dull (Free)
Dull is another new app to cheer you up when you’re dull (as you can probably judge from its name). It offers streams of interesting stuff like animated GIFs, news stories, funny videos and music. The app really helps kill several hours due to endless scroll and a great majority of interesting content. You may subscribe to communities and share content with your friends. Get it for iOS.

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Radical (Free)
This app description on the AppStore is as short as possible. It reads: Press Play. Dodge Walls. Get Radical. Two Modes: Normal and Hard. As you can guess, the game is quick plain in graphics and gameplay. However, Radical is very addictive. You simply drive a small triangle (your spaceship) through a maze that speeds up with time. It’s a terrific time killer for all your family and it’s free, so why not check it out? Get the app for iOS.

New York Times Crossword (Free, $6.99)
Do you love old-school crossword puzzles? Then this new app is exactly for you. This is a classic mind game that trains your vocabulary and keeps your mind active. It contains the same daily crosswords printed in New York Times newspaper, plus it gives access to all classic puzzles from the NY Times’ archives. Starter users have unlimited free access to crosswords for seven days only; then they will only be able to get two free puzzles a week. Subscriptions cost $6.99 monthly or $39.99 yearly. Get the app for iOS.

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