We often search for good sources from where we could get latest updates about .net development.

Here, in this post, we bring top 20 .net developers who share latest news and information with their audience online through their blog, tweets, youtube, and several other media help.

You can learn better coding tips from them as most of them are using online platform to interact with their audience and fans. The list is as follows:

.net developers

Scott Allen

He is a Chief Technological Officer of Medisolv and a founder of ‘Ode to Code.’ Besides this, he is a social writer, speaker, teacher, and podcaster. You can follow him at his blog, twitter account, and Github account.

Iris Classon

She is a technical evangelist at Telerik, Microsoft MVP and a member of the MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team. Besides this, she is also a speaker and a writer. You can follow her on blog, twitter, youtube, Stack overflow, and GitHub.

David Ebbo

As per his twitter profile, he is Microsoft dev lead and working on Windows Azure online sites.

You can get connect with him via his blog, twitter, GitHub, and Stack Overflow profile.

Damian Edwards

He is working at Microsoft as an Asp.net program manager. He is also a creator of SignalR, and Web Forms MVP. You can follow his blog, get twitter updates, catch on GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

David Fowler

He is also working at Microsoft as an Asp.net software developer. He is a creator and lead developer on SignalR. To get to know more about him, follow his blog, twitter, and GitHub profile.

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Jon Galloway

Working at Microsoft as Sr. Technical evangelist, co-authoring The Asp.net Anthology and part of Herding Code podcast. He is available on: Blog, Twitter, GitHub, Stack Overflow

Damien Guard

He is a CTO at Attack Pattern and has worked for Microsoft on Xbox.com, Entity framework & CodeFirst, LINQ to SQL. You can read his blog, follow on twitter and GitHub.

Scott Guthrie

Scott is a Cloud and enterprise executive VP at Microsoft. His blog, twitter, GitHub account is available online.

Phil Haack

He is a Vice President of product development at GutHub. Follow his blog, stay update via twitter and GitHub.

Corey Haines

Known as “software joruneyman”, Corey is a speaker, developer, teacher, and cofounder of Code Retreat. You can follow his blog online, get twitter, GitHub, and Stack Overflow updates.

Scott Hanselman

He is a writer, teacher, programmer, and speaker. You can contact him on Blog, Twitter, Youtube, GitHub, Stack Overflow.

Anders Hejisberg

He is a technical Fellow at Microsoft. Follow him on twitter for .net development updates.

Scott Koon

He is a senior app developer at Russell Investment Group. His blog, twitter and GitHub profile is live online.

Eric Lawrence

Eric is a developer at Telerik. Stay updated via blog, twitter, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

Drew Marsh

He is a (CSA) chief software architect at Mimeo.com. Follow his blog, twitter, GitHub, and Stack Overflow online.

Chad Myers

He is a director of development at Dovetail Software. Get .net development updates via his blog, twitter and GitHub account.

John Papa

John Papis a Silverlight expert, speaker and a writer. Follow his blog, twitter, GitHub and Stack Overflow online.

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Jon Skeet

Jon Skeet is a software engineer at Google, London. You can follow his blog online or on twitter and GitHub & Stack Overflow online.

Mike Stall

Mike is working at Microsoft as a principal software developer. Follow his blog and GitHub profile online.

Rick Strahl

Rick is a president of West Wind Technologies. He is a writer and speaker as well. You can catch his blog, twitter updates, GitHub posts and Stack Overflow profile. All these top blogger’s profiles are valid and accessible. You can reach them online via their twitter and blogs.

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