Top 12 WordPress Based Photography Websites


If photography is your passion and you are trying to make it your profession then you need a virtual portfolio. It will help you in gaining recognition of your skills and bring you a great magnitude of audience and potential clients.

However, you may want to focus on clicking pictures and selling them online without indulging yourself into technicalities of website development. If you think so then WordPress content management system can be a one stop solution for all your problems.


It offers state of the art content management facilities with a large pool of plugins and beautifully designed themes for powering up a great online identity. You can upload, edit and share your pictures in a simple manner even from your Smartphone. Checkout top twelve photography websites that are using WordPress:

Clouds 365 Project: ‘Clouds 365 Project’ is a unique photo blog of an eminent photographer Kelly DeLay. It is developed using WordPress platform. The photographer has shown a collection of his cloud photography into several blog posts on the home page. The website menus are placed in the mid of the home page that makes it attention-grabbing.

Beau Mitchell Landscape Photographer: This photography website is dedicated to showcase the landscape photography of Beau Mitchell. Here you can see the landscapes of different continents in dropdown menu. It also offers redeemable gift vouchers that can be used while buying the pictures from this website. You can check out this blog by clicking on the given URL:

Utzel Butzel: Utzel Butzel is an elegantly designed wordpress based photo blog. On the home page you can see the selected picture of 21 years old photographer Robert.

Los Angeles Times Photography: It is managed by Los Angeles Times. It offers a wide range of distinct photographs and here you can explore a unique story behind each photograph. It is an understandable thing difficult for news website to update its contents day by day but while using a platform like wordpress then it becomes like a cake walk for an organization. The URL of this website has been given below:

Matthias Richter Fotografie: This photography blogging website can teach you the basics of photography in general and wedding photography in particular manner. It is mainly aimed at wedding photography. The eminent wedding photographers’ blogs and their precious tips are given here. You can contact to website through the given URL:

Razvan Wedding and Lifestyle Photography: This website is made by an adroit wedding photographer Razvan. It shows an specialization in modern wedding photography. Here, you can follow Razvan and contact him to shoot your own wedding. You can visit this blog on the given link:

Art Freak Studio: This photography website covers all ranges of photographs but its main focus is on cartoons. It includes wide range of topics related to photography and the techniques used in to transform a simple image into unique cartoon. The website URL is given below:

Trojanovich Photography: This is a singular website of its kind. It is developed by a well known photographer Denver. Showcasing varied range of emotion of human life from the abstract to physical world in black and white shade is the specialty of this photography website. You can visit this website through the given URL:

Stennie PhotographyThis wordpress based photography website showcases various range of images captured by a professional photographer Stefanie Krel. There is an option to buy images from this website. You can reach her blog or facebook profile by going through the given URL: .

Justine UngaroThe main theme of this photo blog is wedding photography. It showcases a great variety of wedding related photographs. There is an option of online shop where you can buy your desired portray. Since it is developed on wordpress platform thus social network plugins is given here. By social network, you can remain in touch with your facebook or twitter account to this website. You can visit here through the given URL:

Wide Angle Photography: As the name goes, this wordpress based photo blogging site showcases wide angles of landscape. WordPress social media plugins has made it capable to share pictures on social media platform. The URL has been given below:

Charlie Stout: This is a photography blog of Charlie Stout who is a professional photographer, songwriter, storyteller etc. On the right side panel, you can see the profile of the photographer.

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