Best Google Adwords Reporting Systems

There are a lot more Google Adwords reporting systems out there than you may realize. There are lots of systems out there for other affiliate advertising networks, but Google Adwords is the most well-known so there are more for it. The tools and systems listed on this article are all useable and workable, but they are also quite expensive in some cases. Do not sign up for any of them frivolously, as your Adwords campaign may not make the money you need to support the costs.


In most cases it may be wise to get a level of how much money you make from your Google adverts before buying into the system. At which point it would be foolish to completely change the way that you work your adverts. It may be wiser to use the system to slowly improve or grow your Adwords advertising campaign.

Zoho Reports

For this you will have to pay around $90 per month. It gives you details on daily and monthly impressions. It also allows you to compare them daily as per the previous months. This means you can look at a comparison of how many impressions you got on the 5th of each month (for example).

It is built to organize the data that it pulls from the Google Adwords system. You can see the data organized into visualizations such as graphs, or you can look at it on spreadsheets as raw data.

The system will only allow you to look at your campaign data or the data from your ad group. It will need go into specifics when it comes to keywords or advert performance. It does not do much beyond giving you raw data. It is up to you to analyze the data yourself and to compare one campaign with another. This is not a terrible thing, as it stops you relying on the software’s interpretations of events.

It will automatically create graphs for you so that you can check on things at a glance, and it will show you your expenses quite clearly. The data is well organized and it is easy to use and understand.


With this software you may pay $99 per month for up to 10 accounts and $199 per month for 25 accounts. It is a new piece of software, and the only real annoyance is the small and frequent updates it keeps giving you. This may be handy with a smaller project, but gets in the way with larger ones.

It is good for alerting you if something has happened, and it can do it right away (as time is of the essence). It will create daily reports for you, and these reports are very visually appealing. It is able to explain its features on the system so that you can pick out your own solutions for your many campaign problems.

Raven Tools

For these tools you will have to pay just under $100 per month. It provides you with a very quick and easy way of looking at and arranging the data on your advertising campaigns. It is a fast way of checking your data and does not muddy the issue with advice or unneeded options.

It is very involved when it comes to keyword data, which may help a lot of people get more results from their campaigns. It can present the data in a graph or table too, and they are easy to understand visualizations. You can see other landing page related factors too such as bounce rate and such. It also uses more than one source in order to get its data.

The reports it gives are more for you and not your clients. You are going to have to make them better looking if you are planning on passing them on to a client. It will also give you no rank tracking options, although they are not really needed as much these days. It also gives you no advice for improving your campaign, but whether you consider that a negative is up to you. The data is well organized, but there are limits to just how in-depth it goes.

The reports are easy to understand and are easy to look through too. It uses more than one external data source and it is cheap to run if you compare it to the ones that charge three hundred per month (that is the starter rate for some systems). It focuses on keywords more than many other systems, and a lot of it is automated in order to save you time.

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