6 Tips That Would Increase and Boost up The Open Rates of Your Email

It does not matter if it’s a website, a white paper, or a landing page we do spend a huge amount of time just to write our copy.

We as email marketers are so focused on the content that we do not think about the outside edges of our work. The outside edges here are like the headline at the beginning or the call to action (CTA) in the end.

And in case of emails the subject line. But when it comes to emails the subject line is considered to be the most important of the entire copy that you actually write.

After all it would not matter how great the content is if there is no subject line.

Following are the 5 major tips that would here help you increase and boost up open rates of your email.

Keeping it short and simple

Remember one of the major reasons for your email campaign is contained through the messages itself. So there is no point of adding the entire information in the subject line. Get the readers to open it with a subject line that is really short and sweet. Have a subject line with 50 characters in ideal, so the entire subject line here would display in the readers email browser.

Making a list

People like lists. In short it’s a promise of information that is being diced into easily digested snippets, or maybe it feels like zeroing in and out of most important aspects of a given topic.  Whatever the reason is people on the internet do enjoy consuming information via numbered and bulleted lists.

Creating a sense of urgency

While people don’t like to be yelled at all in CAPS, they continue to respond well to time sensitive material. The fear of missing out a few things being a powerful motivator. A few keywords like urgent and breaking can have a great positive impact on the open rates of the emails being sent till now. Similarly having a deadline for an offer can also improve your click through rate.

Eliminating the filler words

With such a precious space do not have things being wasted with all the unnecessary words hello it was nice to meet you etc, and thanks which could easily be included in the email body.

Thinking of it like a title

As a marketer we all generally put a lot of effort into writing compelling titles for the blog posts, the pages on your website, your name that would help you catch the attention of specific people through social feeds as they could even scan the search results. The entire process of writing a subject line should not be different, and the best practices that should be applied too.

Highlighting the value you have to offer

If you have been sending an email to someone you really don’t know, you would now need a subject line to indicate the value and communicate what they would be getting says Bodnar. Pique the reader’s interest by offering them with something that would turn out to be helpful enough to them. So whether you are providing a speaking opportunity or a discount or a service do make it clear what exactly what you have to offer them.

To conclude well there you have it: The top tips for creating great subject lines. And last but not the least remember that whatever approach you have to take should have some serious thought about it.  Those 50 or more characteristics might not seem not turn out to be like a lot but they do here carry an incredible amount of weight for every activity that you do.

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz data hygiene services, specializing in email and content best practices, targeted content generation, and editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam.

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