Terms and Condition

We contains all the rights of edit or delete any post or links. if we have any mail or information or argue with any kind of information or post, posted on etechspider.com, we will immediately remove that post, page, link or image without any earlier information.

For Sponsored, paid, free or guest posts and Banners, we have rights to edit, delete or update links form content or banner within One month or After One Month.

You deserve to see your link or banner live for one month and we’ll not remove banner or link till one month, then after your period complete, it’s up to our management team to continue your banner or link contract or not.

Do decide to continue or stop link contract as per performance and visits on particular post, page or clicks on banner.

We have used some 3rd party scripts Like, Statcounter, google analytics, google adsense and some font scripts from 3rd party provider.

We confirm and sure that we don’t collect or track your activity from our end and for our personal commercial purpose. Your visits, details and all are really secure and will not be sold by us to any one.

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