6 Customer Service Experience Trends

Customer Engagement

Each and every one of us could relate to a good and a bad customer service. We could also relate to the fact that social media, mobility and the other emerging technologies that are completely rewriting the rules of customer service organizations. Given below are the five major customer service and experience trends that you can never ignore.

Customer Engagement

Customer Service Experience Trends

Your customers turn to be smarter than ever before: When it comes to customer service, they do know the difference between good and bad. They would here not only compare you with their competitors, but also the others outside of your industry. They begin to see how companies have been advertising their customer service, the awards they have been winning for their customer’s service and many more. Businesses are creating an expectation that are forcing organizations to raise the bar on customer service and customer experience and by the way this is good thing.

Good customer service is equal to good brand marketingToday most of the successful business organizations are viewing their customer service organization as an extension of their marketing and sales team, but not as operational expenses. Urlocker notes that the customer would vent very different and publicly about bad customer service than what they have had in the past making it imperative to act quickly and easily. Remember customers these days are unifying in the way that we have never seen ever before and all thanks to social media, he said.

If you have already done so, then it’s the right time to have self-customer service as an optionThis is not limited to companies who have support or call centres. In short it does not matter what kind of business you have been doing your customers would always have questions in their mind.So try and make it easy for your customers to find the answers they have in their mind. Post an FAQ section on your website, along with videos that answer questions your customers would have in their mind.

Smarter phones are getting smarter and smarterFor some the least important part of a smart phone is a phone. It is generally a device that the customers have been trying using in order to connect with you and your organization. They are the most important step in the consumer buying process so do make sure that you are mobile advantage taking advantage of the smartphone resolution.

Social media and customer service belonging togetherMost of the business organizations do not monitor social channels that their customers generally hang out on. While dealing with a BPO Industry it does become important that you watch, listen and respond to the comments be it good or bad. Engaging with your customers on social channels is a part of customer experience so don’t fight with it but take advantage of it.

Customer service is not just related to customer service agentsCollaboration technologies are making the products experts available in the ways that are unimaginable when compared to two years ago. A successful business organization would here help you focus on enabling individuals to solve the problems they are going through, and not just the first person who happened picked up the phone, or read an email noticing the twitter comment or question.

These were just a few trends that are happening in the world of customer service and customer experience. So what other trends would you like to add to the list above. And how have they turn to be for your call centre industry.Do leave your comments below.

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