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Shapes and QR Code detection in IOS 8

In past versions, image recognition option was limited to eye, mouth, and other facial feature detection.

It is true that every year certain changes are made to operating systems to make them more marketable and robust in mobile industry.

IOS 8 was released in market with some extraordinary features that cannot be denied at all.

OR codes

One of the significant changes is image recognition capability. The feature has been extended to Shapes and OR codes detection in IOS 8.

Core Image Features of IOS Platform
The framework was introduced with IOS 5 version offering video conferencing and image processing functionality. At the time of release, users were extremely happy with the basic functionality. With passage of time, experts decided to make significant improvements based on technology advancements. The feature has been extended to Shapes and OR codes detection in IOS 8.

All of the image detectors are present inside CI Detector class. It helps API in image detection regardless of which object you are using. Further, CI Detector class is divided into factory methods like –

  • CIDetector.CreateRectangleDetector
  • CIDetector.CreateQRDetector
  • CIDetector.CreateFaceDetector

The methods take every request seriously and performing suitable image detection accordingly. You can also configure various options based on requirements. Experts make sure that factory methods are working precisely and accurately.

Previously, core image detection was limited to generating QR codes only. Today, it has been expanded to QR code detection. The significant improvement is truly beneficial for users worldwide. Now they don’t have to use extra application for QR code detection. Interestingly, it is easy to use image detectors without taking headaches.

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