Search Engine Optimization: More Reasons to Go Local

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Local SEO is becoming a huge trend this past years, with websites and local businesses now competing for better local search rankings.

If you haven’t considered local SEO before, now is the perfect time to get started. There are a number of great reasons why going local with your SEO campaign can give you a lot of benefits.

SEO Friendly Content

Google Listings Are Leading the Pack
By registering for a Google Business page, adding your local address and incorporating local keywords to the mix, your page will appear at the top of the search results for users in the area. Google now tracks where users are searching for websites from and display local websites – or local businesses – first.

I can’t emphasise enough how appearing at the top of search results as a local business will help boost your traffic and exposure substantially. All you have to do is register for a Business page; it’s too good of an offer to miss.

Don’t forget to use localised keywords as part of your SEO campaign. This will also help your site rank generically when users are searching for certain keywords. For example, a page about how to apply for a mortgage loan in Los Angeles on your site will rank higher when a user from LA is searching for the content.

The search engine will naturally place your content as being more relevant to the user, which means your page will rank higher even when the search is not about businesses or local listings. The chance to rank higher is what makes local SEO very popular in the first place.

It’s Not as Difficult as You Think
Local SEO is not difficult at all. The efforts are very much similar to conventional SEO, but local elements are added to the mix. For instance, instead of just a generic title, you now need to add the name of the state and country where you are based to the Title tag of your page.

The same goes for headings (i.e. <h1> elements) and the description of your pages. Adding local elements and localized keywords to these tags will help improve your local SEO performance quickly. Don’t forget to add an address and a local phone number to the bottom of your pages. Adding these information to the footer will also help your site appear higher on search results.

Switching to Local SEO Services
Those who are already working with SEO companies can ask the experts assisting them with SEO campaigns to also focus on local SEO. Bear in mind that local SEO is not for everyone. If you are running a content site that targets international visitors, you need to stick to conventional SEO tactics to get optimum results.

When you want to target a specific market segment, on the other hand, local SEO is definitely for you. Work with the SEO experts on fine-tuning the keywords you need to target, make changes to elements on your site and perform better on local searches. You will be reaching more relevant users with a good local SEO campaign running.

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