Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5, Phone Specs Comparison

The Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona has been a great start to the year. Every year the tech-lovers and critics come together on this global platform to witness some great technological miracles.

The smartphone giants make the most of this meet by showcasing their creations for the world to marvel at and speculate. Out of the many devices that drew our attention, the smartphone that really had us falling for it-hook, line and sinker was the LG 5.

The “Samsung Note 5” released last year still has us hung up over it and we just can’t decide which one is better. And the archaic competition between the G-series and Galaxy flagship device, has further spiced-up things. Both the devices have strayed from their usual line up specs and tried to bring more adaptability to their latest models.

While Samsung Note 5 phablet has given stylus functionality and camera quality more weight age than the usual flagship specs, the G5 model has innovative adopted modular capability. It will be interesting to see how these devices perform and deliver on the various fronts.

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Build and Design

The Samsung Note 5 hits a home run with its spectacular metal and glass fusion. The smartphone inherits the traditional Samsung designing but inspires a futuristic aura about itself.

Available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold the Samsung smartphone speaks class. The LG G5 on the contrary, features a complete metal casing and houses a removable battery.

The G5 is about functionality and thus somewhere lacks the premium feel of Samsung. However it will be spared the finger smudges seen on the glass of Note5. It can be seen in variants of Silver, Titan, Gold and Pink.

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The Samsung Note 5 features a huge 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display screen with a 2560*1440 pixel resolution and a slightly reduced pixel density of 518ppi. However, the images and videos viewed on the device are sharp and bright. The G5 on the other hand is smaller with 5.3inches LCD screen but with a greater pixel density of 554ppi. So the choice here is between the AMOLED or LCD display.


Both the companies have tried to ace this spec to make their devices efficient and powerful. While the G5 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, the Note 5 suffices itself with Octa-core Exynos 7420 but both are exceptionally fast.

A 4GB RAM present in both smartphones allows them to take on heavy applications and tasks with ease and swiftness. The Note 5 comes with an integrated fingerprint sensor on the home key while the same for the G5 is present on the back, doubling as a power button too. Though both the scanners are quite responsive, we might need to use the LG device a little more to reach a well calculated judgment.

The Note 5 is aimed to be the ideal phone with an S-pen. The stylus is neatly tucked away in to the bottom and is accessible in an instant to write notes or make sketches or use the Screen Write and Smart Select software present on the Note 5.

The G5, though has a different approach with modularity being its central theme. The bottom panel of the device can be removed to change the 2800mAh battery with a more powerful one. Not only this, you can also link 2 other modules nicknamed ‘Friends’ to bring greater functionality to the device. The CAM Plus and the Hi-Fi Plus modules enhance the camera and sound features considerably.

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LG’S G5 sports an 8MP wide-angle front camera with a primary 16MP primary camera, bringing great camera specs to its latest product. The Note 5 also features a 16 MP rear shooter and a 5MP selfie camera which give crisp images but the stock camera isn’t noteworthy. Since the G5 has been around for only a few days, we have not much experience with it but with its additional camera modules and enhancements, it is sure to have an edge over the Note 5.


Samsung has started rolling out the Marshmallow update to the Note 5 devices which are still running the Lollipop version while the G5 will come pre-installed with latest Marshmallow thereby giving it another upper hand on the former device.

The G5’s interface feels more organized and smooth although both smartphones provide a stock android feel. The G5 lacks the App drawer which helps you organize your apps, and may have you pick Note 5 in case you miss this feature terribly. The Note 5 featuring Screen Write, Smart Select and Memo creation running on TouchWiz using the S-pen comes naturally to you after a few days of usage.

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Our verdict – Well it is really difficult to have a clear winner as both the devices have their own unique quality which makes them one of a kind. However you need not face this dilemma if you have your priorities straight. If you want a smartphone with great camera specs and add-ons then LG G5 should be your choice. However, if you are a doodler or constantly making notes then the Note will be more ideal for you.

Overall the LG G5 with its high performance hardware and latest software upgrade is the freshest smartphone you can have. The Samsung loyalists may think otherwise. So which side are you on, Samsung Note 5 or LG G5?

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