How Does Salesforce Help with Business Growth

CRM to Boost Business Growth

The cutthroat competition in the business world demands that any company should devise clever and efficient ways of boosting productivity while lowering costs.

At the same time, the measures put in place should help with business growth and expansion while also reducing the needed resources.

Enter Salesforce, the leading CRM today.

CRM to Boost Business Growth

This SaaS platform allows for both business growth and reduced costs and resources, meaning better bottom line for your business. Below are some awesome reasons why you should consider starting using this CRM to boost your business, and profits thereof.

Advantages of Using Salesforce CRM to Boost Business Growth

Ease of Use

Different businesses and companies have different backgrounds and needs. Salesforce has successfully managed to work around this hurdle to come up with a platform that is easy to use across these multiple business backgrounds. Needless to say, it is very easy to use making it a highly popular solution for most businesses.

This platform offers an intuitive and simple user interface that also eliminates the need for complex coding and a lengthy learning process like most other CRM platforms. This makes it a convenient option for any business.

Awesome Functionality

Business growth is only achievable if there are very functional systems and structures. These systems should be easy to integrate while also allowing user collaboration across different departments within your company. Salesforce meets this and goes beyond, even allowing a centralized customer information platform. It also allows use via multiple platforms and devices, from browsers to desktops, laptops and even hand-held devices and mobile phones.


With Salesforce, you can monitor measure and get reports and analysis of your marketing activities among other business functions. It also allows for application to a variety of businesses, including the ability to integrate with the different business models. These functionalities and flexibility allow you to make custom and optimized systems to maximize productivity.

Great Support and User Resources

One of the easiest ways to win the hearts of customers and users is to educate them. Salesforce has become a business growth partner because it offers a variety of support platforms for its users. They conduct regular webinars; have a dedicated YouTube channel and a very comprehensive user guide that is accessible online. These user resources allow Salesforce users to find the answers they need quickly and conveniently so that they can be at ease while using this CRM.

The AppExchange

To top it all, there is the AppExchange, which is a marketplace where users can find, download and install different apps developed by other users to expand the Salesforce CRM functionality, options and resources. This platform/marketplace cuts the time needed to develop a new application for your business within Salesforce greatly.

Here is the bottom line; different businesses will benefit differently from the Salesforce CRM. One thing is for sure though; your business will experience enormous growth with every Salesforce release and this is why you should start using it now!

Ferris is a certified Salesforce Administrator. His career has spanned diverse roles in the software industry, including database consulting, application development, technical marketing, partner management as well as Salesforce release implementation and assistance.

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