Reseller Club vs. Fast Hosts: Compare Best UK Re-seller Hosting Plans

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No matter what we’re searching the web for these days, it’s seems that, more and more often, it’s the big American companies who dominate the results.

Whilst this is certainly fine in some respects, in others, British users can benefit greatly from something a little closer to home, especially when it comes to setting up a business.

We need organisations and information websites that really speak our language, that understand our culture and business climate, and, yes, that talk in British Pound Sterling rather than US Dollars.

Hosting Plans

Luckily, would-be entrepreneurs or web hosting experts are spoiled for choice when it comes to setting up a reseller web hosting company in the UK, with a seemingly never ending list of hosting companies lining up to offer quality plans at affordable prices.

Among the leading names in this field come Fasthosts, whose reseller plans are just another service offered alongside regular hosting, domain registration and all the usual things offered by the best web hosting companies,  and UK Reseller Club who, as the name suggests, specialise in reseller programs.

The big question then is, which one’s better. Let’s explore, shall we?

Fast Hosts
The first thing that immediately strikes us about Fast Hosts is that they don’t exactly overwhelm you with a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting a reseller package. Basically, your options are to start with a value plan and then upgrade to the advanced package if things are going well.

There’s no middle ground here, which is disappointing, we’d like to steadily grow from the starter package up to the big time, rather than going for the all or nothing approach.

On the plus side, the first month of your new plan is absolutely free, after which you’ll be paying £18.99 per month minus VAT for a minimum three month contract on the basic plan.

For this, you’ll receive 20GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and the possibility to sell on a limit of 10 website packages.

There’s also the option to switch between Windows and Linux based packages, along with MySQL databases and all the tools you’ll need to be able to offer a complete hosting solution to your customers.

Though this might seem a little restricted to some, we think Fast Host’s value package makes the ideal ‘Reseller Starter Kit,’ especially as the short-term contract means you can always abandon ship if you find the hosting business just isn’t your cup of tea.

UK Reseller Club
Specialising in nothing but reseller plans, UK Reseller Club certainly triumph in terms of the number of packages and plans available, so there’s a lot more room for your business to grow at a pace that’s right for you.

In terms of pricing, Reseller Club’s basic Linux hosting plan offers the same 20GB of web space as Fast Host, but puts a cap on your bandwidth at 200GB. There’s also a limit on the number of web packages you can sell, though this is double Fast Host’s amount.

All of this will set you back just £4.99 per month, though frustratingly they don’t tell us what, if any, they’re minimum contract is.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can enjoy 200GB of space, 4000 FB bandwidth, unlimited web packages and a host of extra features for £27.69 per month.

In between, prices range from £12.29 to £18.09, with your allocations gradually increasing along with the price.

On the downside, although UK Reseller Club boast about how easy it is to use their service, we found it a lot more confusing than Fast Hot’s simple, straight to the point web page that told us everything we needed to know, and gave us the chance to sign up, all within one page.

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