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Web Designing Skills

A website is the face of your company or business and so it is important to present your business the best way. It is a common saying that “The first impression is the last impression” and the same applies here too.

A beautifully and professionally designed website can do a lot of wonders and so it is necessary to enhance our web designing skills.

The primary purpose of the web designers should be understanding the company’s requirements and design a highly professional website using proper skill sets.

Web Designing Skills

As a result, it is necessary to design a website as per the company’s requirement which should be at the same time attractive and as per the customer’s expectations. This requires an innovative approach towards web designing and so you need to strongly enhance your web designing skills. So, in order to help you out with the enhancement in your web designing, below are listed some of the tips and tricks from one of the best website design company in Melbourne. So, let us have a quick glance over those tips:

Using an attractive colour combination
Choosing an attractive colour combination that can complement with your brand and products is generally one of the most perplexing tasks. But, still being one of the primary concerns of any of the website, every website designer has to struggle to find the perfect colour combination for the website or any call-to-action graphic. The best option is to use nature’s colour palette that never fails. You can even use your camera to photograph natural wonders around the world and place it on your website.

Use gray-shaded designs
If you are using wire frames before adding visual designs to it, then you can turn the wire frame into the gray scale visual design and then add your photography to it. If needed, further you can add different attractive colours to the design elements, one at a time. This will help you to get an idea what design should be coloured just in order to prevent the formation of the over designed website.

Simplifying the navigation
It is observed that after some span of time, the number of visitors on the site gradually decreases and one of the factors responsible for this is the site navigation. As a result, you need to simplify the navigation by eliminating unnecessary drop down menus- most specifically the multi-tier dropdown navigations that a skilled mouse user can only navigate. Also, make sure you have important navigation links in the header or the sidebar of the website.

Reduce the sidebars
The sidebar has been one of the popular web designing trends in recent years. Later, it was observed that these sidebars distract the user’s attention or reader’s attention to the blog posts. As a result, it was recommended to remove or at least reduce a number of sidebars on the web page. This will ultimately enhance the user engagement on the web page or website.

Including corporate style web fonts
You can add the corporate style web fonts that suits your industry. As such there are no specific web fonts that are purely dedicated to the corporate style, but you can decide the best-looking fonts for your own website. You can even go to the Google Fonts to find a suitable web font for your website.

Increasing the font size
The appearance of the website majorly depends on its typography. The text that you use must be easily readable by the users and so it is one of the factors that makes important things stand out. You can opt to increase the font sizes, mainly for the headings as well as important blocks of the web page.

Using the whitespace
It is generally believed that white-spaces don’t look good on the website, but in fact, today the websites using more white-space are in style right now. There are a number of websites following this trend while not allowing every blank area of the screen to be filled.

As web designing is related to nothing but the user experience and so you need to design a website keeping customers in mind. The satisfaction of the customer is the primary goal to achieve from any of the websites and a professionally designed website could attract and satisfy the customer’s needs. Besides that, the above-mentioned factors could help you to enhance your web designing skills the best way.

Author’s Bio: Daniel is a web designer and working with one of the best website design companies in Melbourne since few years. With this post, he is discussing the top factors that can enhance the web designing skills of a web designer.

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