4 Benefits of Programmatic Advertising in Mobile

mobile advertisements

Programmatic has made a lot of difference to digital marketing and is becoming the only method used for mobile advertisements.

There are numerous benefits of buying mobile inventory through programmatic advertising. Of course, it’s going to be a while before programmatic mobile becomes the only way.

mobile advertisements

A survey was conducted of 200 brand executives in marketing, where 40% agreed mobile programmatic to be helpful in reaching their targets and 27% were found buying it as of now.

mobile advertisements

Out of the ones buying, some 87% are either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the performance.

Programmatic buying is beginning to mature. Moreover, mobile advertising is a lot different from website and other marketing modes. For example, people using smartphones may be checking their handsets more than 100 times in a day, but only for a few seconds each time.

This means, marketers will have to find strategies for quick views by users. A technical solution to match individual requirements is also important. Responding to mobile advertising challenges, data and programmatic solutions will converge and produce un-matchable campaign optimizations and observations in real-time.

It is an extremely interesting opportunity for mobile advertisers and consumers. People will always carry their mobiles and the fast growth of tablet sales signifies that advertising could be carried out for individuals every second they are awake. Let’s look at 4 key points that can summarize the benefits of programmatic buying on mobile:

Better pricing

Every advertiser is always thinking about the cost-to-benefit ratio. For any marketing channel, programmatic has stood out in the crowd clearly. If an advertiser pays a good amount for every impression in the auction, he will surely get what he paid for. Inventory management as a result, can be done really fast by switching off content that fails to drive output.

Transparent reporting

As budgets are scrutinized continuously, you must provide advertisers with a clear picture of how and where the money is getting spent. This transparency is clearly visible with programmatic. With efficiency inherent to automation, you spend the money on inventory directly, rather than going for logistics or administration. The reporting part is also extremely vivid; hence, it becomes very easy to understand instantly what value programmatic will bring.

Better targeting

Once you are with programmatic, you are actually reaching the target customer in a highly sophisticated manner. Advertisers are able to isolate locations providing exact content that is related to groups through the entire online media, and also the apps. Based on detailed information from the publisher, the process can be identified into unique pages in a site and through different publishers. This method is clearly better than the older system where huge volumes of the inventory can be bought after speaking to each publisher individually.

Mobility, scalability, efficiency

If you spread inventory across different publishers, all advertisers will have to remain mobile to meet their customers’ needs. This can be easily managed using automation. With traditional mode of buying an inventory, it gets really difficult and unwieldy to react. Automation also helps in scaling at a speed. Once you have identified the inventory that is performing, you can quickly allocate more budgets to it, thus making the campaigns extremely agile and reactive to market conditions.

Adopting smartphone ensures that a powerful electronic device capable of computing is within reach of millions of users globally. According to a forecast, smartphone users should be about 2 billion, and it will increase further by 2018.

These consumers have ready access to information and can communicate internationally. The devices they are using can collect huge amounts of valuable data. These are the positive trends in mobile which makes programmatic the most suitable approach for customer acquisition.

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