Do’s And Dont’s before You Begin with the Process of Business Video Conferencing


Video conferencing has generally turned out to be a business standard for most of the well-known business organizations.

Technologies to this have made it easier than ever to connect with partners, clients and employees based across the globe.

It is important for business to train the employees about video conferencing as it turns out to be widely used throughout the world.


Deciding if you really need a video or not
In most of the cases you would here want to have a meeting virtually and having a look at the other participants would not be necessary. For example if a group has to work intensively on a specific project then it would be better when you use a screen sharing program through which the participants view a shared documents but not each other.

Do not be courteous to the other participants
Being punctual and introducing them before having a talk to them would help them know who is talking and could address you by name. Have a note of the other speakers so that you could address them by their name. Last but not the least turn of the sounds on your smart phone and absolutely no texting.

Appearance before shooting your business video
When you are used from working from home then do not skimp on grooming and dress. Your pet would here not notice that you are not unshaven and that your hair and clothes are unkempt but the others will. You are going to attend the meeting. And with the fact is that it is coming to you, you should not change the way you present yourself or otherwise prepare.

Making sure that each and every one is on the same page
You would here need to check and make sure that the participants who are a part of your business conference have all the necessary tools and technologies, along with a reliable internet access. Confirming that each and every one is comfortable using the technology encourage them to have a small test if they have never used the equipment’s before.

Avoid wearing the noisy Jewellery
These are things that have to be small and simple. Wearing bigger jewellery could distract you from those turning in and out bumping against your microphone. Also try and avoid earrings that are dangling and are of shiny eyeglass frames.

Being yourself and having fun
Relax and have a good time. Be lively and break the ice with a joke making the viewers around you laugh and enjoy. Its uber easy to tune out in a face to face meeting so that you could imagine how easy it is in a virtual one. The more fun you have during the entire process, the more would they continue to stay focused and interested in whatever you say or do.

Choosing the best visuals for their video
Try and avoid using the black text on a white background as they are glaring and hard on the eyes. Instead use other background colors like the blue, green, grey or purple. For every slide use bold letters in a font size not something that is more than 18 and has not more than 6 lines or text per side. And in case you are using a market board use a thick and wide dark colors like black or navy blue. Avoid using colors that would be hard enough to view the color blind people such as the red, green and the brown.

With more and more business organizations integrating video conferences into their communication infrastructure, workers would here have to be prepared on frequent basis for camera meetings. So what are the other Do’s And Dont’s you would like to add to the above list? Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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