10 Great WordPress Plugins to Convert WordPress Blog in to Mobile Application

Great WordPress Plugins

How You Can Convert Your WordPress Site to Mobile App. We all realize how important it is to deliver our web presence for the mobile audience who continues to spearhead web business trends.

Naturally, your WordPress site can not shy away from this all encompassing mobile trends. Offering a mobile app version of your WordPress site can be a nice solution.

Moreover, with pretty mobile specific themes and design maneuvers you can just turn your WordPress into a mobile app with all device optimized attributes.

Great WordPress Plugins

Thanks to the WordPress plugins you can now transform your website into a mobile app without spending a hefty sum.

Moreover, for developing a dynamic WordPress mobile app you do not need to learn coding or complex frameworks. Even if you do not have a developer background or know nothing of web or app development, these plugins will guide you all the way to make new WordPress app for mobile.

As for making a choice among plugins for turning your WordPress site into mobile app there are too many great plugins that offers a smooth and fast paced development experience without steep learning curve.

Obviously, you always have the pros and cons on both sides and for a really feature rich one price cannot be a big consideration unless it is way too high. Anyway, you can always find your perfect choice at a moderate budget.

Here below we have introduced 10 of the most helpful plugins to transform WordPress sites into mobile app.

AppPresser for WordPress Site to Mobile App

AppPressor is currently the leading plugin for transforming any WordPress site into a mobile app with ease. AppPresser can turn websites of any niche including news, magazine, blog or e-commerce into attractive mobile app. If you want a much optimized app with the entire advanced mobile app features this can be the ideal one, though it is particularly not a cheap one.

  • The native app wrapper provided by AppPresser allows wider access to device features including phone or tablet features like contacts, accelerometer, push notification, camera, geo-location, etc. Thus the native app transformation actually adds enough value to your existing WordPress website.
  • Building WordPress app you can distribute it through both the iOS and Android app stores.
  • The pricing of AppPressor stands at $199 for 5 apps and $499.00 for 25 apps.

IdeaPress for WordPress Site to Mobile App

IdeaPress offers a simple, easy to manage building process with detailed guidance provided on the IdeaPress website. You are required to install a plugin with a JSON API for accessing both app and content for development process. If you value customization options in designing multiple app pages, this can be a good option with robust design elements to make your choice.

  • IdeaPress offers variety of customization options including color selection, home page format selection and deciding the categories and pages. Maximum of 10 pages are permitted.
  • The plugin provides a slick sliding menu offering links to Home and the selected pages, a search button and a back button.
  • IdeaPress is extremely easy to use and just in minutes you can set the app live.
  • The plugin is reasonably priced at $69.

WordPress Mobile Pack

The all new rebuilt WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is particularly equipped for bloggers, app publishers and content reach sites to offer more than just responsiveness for mobile users. It is created keeping the content rich websites and their need of addressing mobile audience in mind. This plugin has robust capabilities to enhance readability and usability of your blog contents within a WordPress mobile app. Some of the key features and attributes are mentioned below.

  • It offers robust support for all mobile platforms and browsers.
  • It goes beyond responsive UI to offer optimum usability on mobile devices.
  • Wide array of themes offers great scopes of customization for a native look and feel.
  • Google Analytics is easily integrated with the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0.


If you need a comprehensive solution for turning your blog easily into a native app without a hefty cost then Worona is the right plugin solution for you. For many bloggers and simple websites with regularly updated contents Worona is the right platform to address evolving needs to cater mobile audience, especially it is an inexpensive solution with all that a blogger needs to go mobile.

  • With Worona you can save a lot of costs except the cost for publishing app on the iOS and Android store. It is one of the most inexpensive quality solution for converting WordPress websites
  • The plugin supports an array of extensions for enhanced functionalities like Push Notification and app rating.
  • Corona SDK runs the core of Worona and this SDK is popular for developing interactive mobile apps.


WPtouch is a Google recommended WordPress plugin that can instantly convert your website to a mobile friendly version. To gain on SEO rankings by introducing a user friendly mobile version of your website this is one of the most recommended plugins. The pro version of the plugin offers really extensive solutions for an array of web niches.

  • It offers an array of customizing options for appearance, speed, compliance and style through the administration panel.
  • It also offers a Pro version with enhanced themes for blogs, business sites and content rich sites. The Pro version addresses an array of feature and design requirements for different niche of websites.


WiziApp is another easy to use, less expensive mobile app converter. The plugin just without requiring you to write a single line of code can transform your WordPress website into a mobile app. Moreover it offers extensive support for an array of features including customization, animated navigation, multiple menus, support for cross mobile browser, etc. It might be sound a little expensive but may worth the price if you need sophisticated design and custom features.

  • This plugin app on Android costs around $149 per year while iPhone and the same for iOS cost $300 per year.
  • It also offers free HTML5 app conversion. Just install the plugin and it will start readily transforming website into the mobile version.


JoeMobi is another great mobile app converter that can convert your website in minutes besides offering you an array of customized choices and options for the user. Fast paced conversion with easy preview option to have a quick feel of how your app going to look like made this plugin so popular.

  • Before publishing the app on Android and iOS marketplace it provides customization and preview options. The easy preview option will let you have a look and feel of how the converted app going to be.
  • This plugin offers extreme ease of use, flexibility and user friendly navigation for native app development on iPhone, Android and blackberry platforms.
  • Among the various features supported by this plugin include push notification, in built commenting and analytics tool etc.
  • This plugin is particularly great for faster conversion while introducing all the latest features.

Mobile App Converter

This is another great app converter to turn WordPress website into mobile app without requiring any coding knowledge. For turning responsive WordPress sites quickly into feature rich mobile app this plugin is ideal. This is another great plugin for a speedier conversion requiring almost no learning curve to undergo.

  • It develops your mobile app version of the website in just seconds.
  • Least coding knowledge is required and hence there is zero learning curve.
  • Great preview option to get the look and feel of your app after conversion.
  • The plugin also allow hiding certain elements from the visitor’s eyes.
  • The plugin also offers a robust technical support.


MobApper is another powerful plugin that can easily and quickly transform a responsive website into its mobile app version. It does not require any programming or coding knowledge and experience whatsoever. This plugin became popular for offering a whole range of intuitive and smart app interfaces while always offering a fast paced conversion without needing any coding knowledge.

  • MobApper can create native mobile applications for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.
  • Besides serving Android and iOS it also offers robust support for building Windows App.
  • The plugin is known for supporting feature rich, fast and intuitive app interface.


QuickApp is a great WordPress conversion plugin made for bloggers to conveniently convert their WordPress blog into powerful mobile apps. This plugin only allows you to publish the app in Google Play Store. This plugin is not bad as far as ease of conversion is concerned but it is more suited to bloggers and content publishers than feature rich business websites. Moreover, it is also limited to Android platform.

  • With the converted blog app the visitors can also view and make comments on your blogs.
  • You can also monetize the blog content through AdSense or Ad-mob.
  • To power the app further you can integrate stats of your mobile app with Google analytics account.

Obviously most plugins mentioned above are not similar in capacity and addressing of different mobile design and development concerns. While some are more suited to bloggers and common content publishing websites, there are others that can be ideal for feature rich business apps.

But all the plugins mentioned above shares one common attribute, that is to say they help building a great WordPress app in quick time without any knowledge or prior experience of coding. A majority of these plugins are also in sync with the requirements of latest features, integration and customization.

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