MEAN Stack Apps for Developers Explained By Experts

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Have you ever thought how a MEAN Stack app works? Leading group of java web application development is sharing definition of MEAN app; web app stacks concept and sample web apps with JEE.

A MEAN Stack based mobile or web app includes listed technologies:
M- MongoDB / E- ExpressJS
A- AngularJS / N- NodeJS

There is no need to rely on middleware technologies like JEE or .Net in order to process user request/ response. It’s about Javascript.

Need Framework To Meet Certain Objectives:

A Web App Framework Is Needed To Meet Certain Objectives:

  • One or more UIs for end users through which they can interact
  • One or multiple web servers that will handle user request/response
  • A web framework that will process all requests/responses of the user.
  • One or multiple databases that will store and protect the data

Do you know about the key components of any web app framework? Can you name them?

In general, a normal web app framework has UI, database, web server, and web app framework.

These major components and technologies used in java web application are explained below-

  • UI – User Interface or UI is taken care with JSP embedded tags using CSS/HTML to secure dynamic data.
  • Web/ app server– The web server is used to handle user requests and response after being processed with one or multiple services. Tomcat server is an example.
  • Web framework- A web framework initiates processing of the user requests/response. Spring is an example.
  • Database– Java developers have a list of databases to use. MySQL, SQL server, Oracle are few examples.

Fig- Showing Java web app framework

How A MEAN Stack Web/Mobile App Does Look Like?

A MEAN Stack web / mobile app includes-

  • UI – This is taken care using AngularJS
  • Web Server- based on NodeJS
  • Web framework- based on ExpressJS
  • Database- MongoDB is the database

Fig- Showing MEAN app framework
Leading group of java development india has just explained MEAN Stack apps to developers. For any doubt or query, contact professionals and get all answers instantly.

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