The Magic of Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

The vast avenue photography provides us to try is just magical. Use these tips to click some magical underwater photography gems.

How about we go finding Nemo? Yes, the movie and the underwater graphics were just too magical.

However, here I am asking you to go on a journey of real underwater photography, whose results can be as magical as the movie itself.

Underwater Photography

Get floating props, candid close shots and much more, grab a good underwater camera and just dive in. Here are some simple tips to weave the magic.

Choose your Subject, Surrounding & Camera Wisely
You must be absolutely sure about what you want to shoot underwater. Underwater photography is just not limited to high budget projects and expensive professionals. It can prove to be an exciting and satisfying prospect for budding photographers. Photography cameras for underwater thrills can be easily accessed.

There are two options available in the market. You can opt for single-use disposable cameras as well as reusable cameras. One can also opt for best DSLR cameras with underwater housing system. The key is to use a high resolution camera that can easily adapt to the wet conditions. The next step is to choose your subject. You can opt to do a portrait for a friend, close shots or opt for theme based shoots in deeper waters.

Choosing a perfect surrounding completely depends upon personal preferences. If you opt for doing a shoot in safe waters, swimming pool can be a good option. There’s no compulsion to take the finding Nemo thing too seriously. Swimming pools can provide a safe platform without any disruptive h2 currents and sharp teeth roaming around. If you want to experience photography in deeper avenues, be sure about the place and your own swimming capabilities.

Gauge your options, grab one of the best photography cameras in the market and just dive in.

Ample Light, Close Shots and Surface Shooting Works
Professional photography involves a lot of techniques and key points. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the use of light. Light plays a major role in capturing high-quality underwater photos. Always try to use the sunlight instead of artificial lights. The perfect time to shoot would be bright afternoon.

The sunlight travels easily across the surface, giving you a natural and impressive effect. If you are shooting in the evenings, you can use flash lights to focus on the colors. The artificial flash lights are pretty affordable and is easily available in the market on a daily rental basis. Try candid close shots. Close shots let you in on awesome details about the subject.

If you are using a DSLR, try shooting with macro lenses, it will provide you close shots of the highest quality. Professional photography is all about being well informed about the basic nuances of photography. Try to shoot from the top of the surface. This technique will provide you with ample opportunities to experiment with the surface reflections, sunbeams and much more. You can always find the best water effects on the top of the surface.

Try Different Elements, Props and Acrobat Shots
Other than using best DSLR cameras, you should also use creative props. If you want to create an interest for the audience in your photos, using elements can be the perfect option. You can try different types of elements like Backlights, bubbles, waves and much more.

These elements can create an interest in a photo. For an example, bubbles can lend a very creative touch to a photo. Make sure that you use different props. Floating props add a fun and exciting touch to the underwater snaps. Common swimming pool toys and equipment can prove to be a good bet for capturing nice photos. These can result in whimsical and stunning outputs. Experiment with acrobat shots under water. Using best DSLR cameras with high shutter speed can provide you with the best results.

Photography is one of the most versatile professions around. It should not be limited to just professional photography, it should be instinctive, out-of-the-box and spontaneous. The key is to just grab the right equipment, keep some tips in mind and go out to have some fun.

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