In this current digital world, mobile devices have become an addiction to people. Even in the playing fields and streets, you will still spot people glued on their tablets and smartphones.

They can be using their mobile devices for professional work or simply for their personal things such as social networking.

For this reason, companies are nowadays using mobile devices to develop relationships with their customers.

This is usually done in a much advanced way that was not possible in the past; such ways include: utilization of strategic applications that enable businesses to present unique opportunities to their customers at any time & anywhere.


Through the mobile applications, companies can obtain valuable customer information that was hard to find in the past. The information may range from the customer’s behavior of buying goods and services, his lifestyle, to information about his or her definite physical location. This information is usually vital for the companies and enables them to shape their conversions and to set interaction stages.

The same way conversations happen in business stores between an attendant and a customer, so does the conversation between a mobile customer and the company’s representative. Mobile customers are similar to those customers that visit physical stores; the only difference is that the mobile customer uses his/her mobile application to access services rather than walking to the stores.

Even with the existing powerful mobile app that provides amazing business opportunities, the technologists are still challenges to offer more to the enterprise. The information technologists are still tasked to develop a comprehensive application portfolio that supports a vast range of mobile platforms. This includes varied mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones that operate on different platforms such as Android, Apple, iOS and Windows 8.

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Delivery of IT projects has also been greatly enhanced. Though complex, development of mobile application nowadays is done much faster than in the past. As opposed to the past when IT projects could take years to be delivered, currently, IT projects only takes weeks to get delivered. This is attributed to hiring of other skilled and experienced partners by those IT staffs lacking talent and skills of mobile development.

The industry is even destined for more achievements when the time comes because most of the groups and mobile strategist roles are still in their infancy stage at the moment.

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