LG G4 To Be The Best Phone Of 2015: Specs & Features Revealed


In the mid of 2014, LG launched the LG G3 which turned out to be the most successful smartphone of LG till date. And yes in 2015, LG is ready to repeat the history with the launch of LG G4. Now it’s not early to talk about the next beast smartphone in the G series of LG.

If we discuss about that LG G3 display, it crossed the bar, which was set for screens flagship smartphone – it’s not Full HD, and Quad HD, that is, the resolution has increased up to 2560 x 1440 pixels.


Even the screen size up to 5.7 inches, which is alarming – with the screen can hardly think of ergonomics, only developers of LG worked well over the durability and strength of the screen, so that it was not afraid to wear.

From LG G4 certainly can expect the next generation of protective glass Gorilla Glass, and the screen resolution can grow, although there is a doubt – the production of the display with a resolution of more than QHD be too expensive.

Memory for many users is extremely important, because it allows you to immediately think about keeping your library, games and other things. Also, the availability of support of microSD cards allows you to conveniently reflash smartphone, make a backup copy of the system and so on. I think a competitor Galaxy S6 will have a 64GB memory slot for microSD cards. As for the memory, then the high-resolution screen and new functions must be at least 3GB, and then all of 4GB.

Currently very popular selfies, self-shot video on the smartphone, video chats and stuff, that is, the requirements of the camera to increases proportionately. Especially it concerns have front camera, which for obvious reasons can’t be physically large, because it can’t stand out above the screen. Another smartphones almost fully replace traditional digital cameras. Because we dare to assume that LG G4 has already received 15 or 17 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash. Always the same series LG G was one step ahead. Do not be surprised if even the front camera is 5 megapixels.

Now, knowing the expected characteristics of LG G4, you surely will eagerly wait for the beginning of next year to see the rival Galaxy S6. I think you and so it becomes clear that the smartphone market in the top segment becomes very dense and just enough performance flagship. Even more features no surprise. Research and opinions of analysts are reduced to the fact that LG may introduce G4 somewhere in the middle of May 2015. Price, which is a very important factor in the purchase, will be at around $ 900, that within reasonable limits.

As you know, LG G4 is not yet born and we have the rumors of LG G5 in the market, which are also pretty interesting and pleasant to discover. But for LG G5 you might have to wait for more than year, which is not an easy game.

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