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The source code is an important part of an app. It is similar to the framework from which one can build a house.

The source code of any program is specially designed to facilitate the work load of programmers.

The source code is transformed by a compiler program into low level machine code that can be understood by the computer.


You might be under the impression that you require an entire app to make money. However, were you aware that you can also earn money from source code alone? You can sell and buy code from the source market.

Codes are important component of any website or application and coding can be time consuming and demanding. A programmer may not have enough time to complete the coding task. Fortunately, there are many codes available for sale. This also helps those individuals who can write innovative code as they get some money for their work. It is a good option to buy and sell app source codes.

In developing an app, what takes longer to make is its code and not the graphics, features or links. Most of the programmers spend weeks in writing source codes for apps. Thus having a readymade source of codes can drastically save time. This will ensure that you get more time to improve framework of the app. Getting ready source of code saves your time a lot, even if it involves spending money. When it comes to saving money or time, companies prefer to save time rather than saving money at the cost of time.

Where can you buy and sell code?
As a source code is not a physical object, do not expect it to be available in a physical market. The source markets are present on the internet. There are many markets available online which you can search through Google. Some sites allow individuals to buy the full rights to a code or an app, However, this can be very expensive. There are individual developers who advertise their work on the internet and social media sites. However, if you are planning to buy from independent coders, you should be cautious. They are not affiliated to any market and can vanish without leaving any trace. The quality of codes cannot be verified as there are no reviews regarding them.

How to buy a code?
In commercial marketplaces, a buyer can register before hand and then purchase the codes. After registering, the potential buyer can scan the boards in order to find source code of their requirement. They can also use the search function to scan the source code of their choice. Once they select the ideal code, they can contact the seller and then negotiate a price. In some cases, the prices are already listed and buyer simply needs to purchase it at the same cost. After the purchase, the buyer will get all the code files, images and sounds that are the part of that code.

How to sell codes?
Once you register with a commercial app market, you can post whatever you have to offer. Some sites allow you to put links to your site. Potential buyers can contact you even privately and then procedures like negotiations, payments and code sharing is completed. Then you can post on the notice board as the product is sold.

Author Bio
Daniel Clark is an active programmer and has expertise in coding. He is passionate about blogging and in the above post, he is suggesting audience why it is beneficial to buy or sell app source codes.

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