Knowing Your Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

First Samsung Note made its appearance in 2011, and since then smartphones have been continuing to grow. And now, after three years, we see Samsung Galaxy note having grown from bit-player to a smartphone king.

It has not been very long since we experienced the Note 4 and here we are with the rumours of Galaxy Note 5 that have already started flowing in the breeze of Tech world. We are sure you might not be much surprised by hearing the news of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as it has become quite normal to hear of new technology every now and then. But we are also confident of the fact that you are doubly excited to know what all you should be prepared for to welcome in this new phablet.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 having recently made its way into the tech market, the firm- Samsung is yet to share any confirmed news of its upcoming phablet/ smartphone -Galaxy Note five. Hence, our list of features would essentially be based on the rumors and speculations.


Although the firm, Samsung still hasn’t disclosed any news in regard to its upcoming smartphone, as per our prior experiences and accorded expectations, we can list some features which can be assured to have in Samsung Galaxy Note five.

  • It will be shielded by corning gorilla glass.
  • It is likely to have a 5.7-5.9-6.0 inches screen.
  • It will be coming with a dustproof, scratch resistant and waterproof technologies.
  • It is going to have a RAM of 4GB which will certainly enhance your experience of phablets than ever before.
  • If we believe what rumors and tech experts are suggesting us, it can be expected to grab the title of being the lightest smartphone in the Samsung note series.
  • It is probably going to have an aluminium body.
  • It is likely to have a 21MP primary camera and 5MP front camera with most probably dual tone LED flash and auto focus. Now, time has come to have high-quality picture experience.
  • Facility of a full HD video recording.
  • It is expected to arrive in memory variants of 32GB and 64GB, expandable up to 128GB with an SD card.
  • HBR scanner can also be there.
  • It will be having an octa core processor.
  • 13.It will have a Latest android version, most likely android lollipop- 6.0.
  • The Battery power of 4000 mAh.
  • It might consist of facility of wireless charging.
  • It will consist of Barometer, accelerometer, gyro sensors and infrared sensors.
  • It will be having Exynos 7 processor with 3GHz processing speed.

Expected Releasing Date and price of Samsung Galaxy Note five

As we mentioned in the very beginning itself, the firm is still to share any official update about the upcoming smartphone- Galaxy Note five. Therefore, in such case it is difficult to state out any fixed date of its launch, but having seen its previous releasing dates, it’s not that difficult to make a guess.

If we look at its pattern of release, the first in the note series came in October 2011, followed by its successors in September 2012, September 2013 and September 2014. Hence, the given pattern allows us to speculate its upcoming tentative date in September or October 2015.

Price is also entirely based on guess work which has been expected to be around $1000 in its initial opening as Samsung sells its gadgets like hot cakes. You are required to pay at least this much if you want to enjoy this new gadget.

So be prepared with a good budget and good patience level.

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