What is jQuery, How Does jQuery Works?


If you are a web designer or even a blogger, you must have heard about jQuery.

In fact, bloggers are really being encouraged to add jQuery to their blogs as a way of enhancing them.

So what exactly is it?
jQuery is a kind of Java Script Library aimed at changing the way users write JavaScript.

Experts use it to simplify HTML events, animations, AJAX interactions and document traversing for faster web development.


jQuery works for both designers and with AJAX, the client-side development is also simplified.

How does it work?

jQuery is used for find a specific HTML element. For instance, if you animate a tag within a page with a CSS class of ‘tick’, you will see a news ticker. More than finding the HTML element with a certain CSS class, jQuery can retrieve the sub-elements within that class and reset them to have a separate CSS class, resulting in alternative styles for the HTML elements. To see how this is possible.

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In this way, developers use jQuery to create effects and animations through plug-ins that make a web page more interactive, exciting and user friendly. Such plug-ins include: photo slideshows, scrolling or sliding text, roll-over animations, interactive maps, charts, among many others.

Major Advantage

While we may have touched on some benefits of jQuery in its function, the biggest advantage that it offers over other Java Script libraries and other interactive applications is that it maintains the visibility of web page content from the search engines. This is unlike with other applications where your content will be lost if Java Script is disabled by the browser.

There’s More!

Apart from the maintained visibility, there are plenty of other benefits of using jQuery:

jQuery is a small clean code, which means it will take a shorter amount of time to load web pages compared with other applications. After all, five lines of jQuery are equivalent to about 25 lines of the other Java Script code.

Lots of plug-ins
The abundance of plug-ins allows for faster and easier creation of effects by website developers.

Lots of help
With many plug-ins comes a lot of help. You will have a whole community of people to help you with any bug issues you may come across.

Easy peasy
Implementation of jQuery is notably easier for web developers when compared with other applications.

Better than Flash
jQuery can do all the tricks of animations and transitions that Flash can, only in a simpler, cleaner way that is more SEO friendly way.

More interesting
With jQuery, you can take a basic web page from simple to interesting and interactive using only a few keystrokes.

All browsers
jQuery is the most popular Java Script library and it works in all browsers.

Mobile phones
If a mobile device has a web browser that supports Java Script, then jQuery is on it; and those are a lot of mobile devices!

The best part about all this is that jQuery is free, open source software.

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