iPhone Features You are Missing

iphone features

Smartphones are the talk of the town now a days. The features of newly launched handsets have everyone in a tizzy- right from the mobile experts & journalists to the end user.

iPhone is a class apart- or so they say, in the smartphone fraternity. Its newly launched features become the talking point of all the conversations for a long time after the model is launched.

So is it possible to miss some of the features of a much dissected handset? Looks like it is possible! A lot of the I phone users are not aware of some of the time saving and extra impact features of I phone.

iphone features

To be fair these are not the features that are highlighted during the launch of a model. Nevertheless, they are quite useful for the day to day use of the phone. Here is looking at some such features of the I phone.

Camera Features
Taking Better Pictures without shake: Whether you are taking a selfie or a normal photograph, iPhone provides best picture quality. However camera shake is a problem that you would probably want to shake off for the best results. iPhone allows you to use the volume sound as the shutter to assist in taking better pictures. You can hold your phone with both hands rather than using one hand to click the snap. Better still, you can also use the volume buttons on the headphone to click photo. This is particularly useful while taking selfies. You can keep the phone at a distance and take the photograph by clicking on the headphones button.

Emergency Pictures: Passing by a beautiful orchard and quickly want to capture the flying butterflies- but phone is stuck on the home lock screen? There is a solution right at your hand. You may click on the home button twice to get a camera icon to the right. Click on the camera icon and go clicking as many photographs a you want.

Panoramic view: The results that you achieve with the panoramic view are outstanding. Would you like to check out if the other way round panoramic view is more spectacular? A click of button on your panorama shot will allow you to check that out.

Text Messages
Shortcuts: All of us are aware of standard abbreviations, using which makes the task of typing simple. But what about standard messages that we end up sending 100 times a day- call you later, busy in a meeting, etc. Your iPhone has the capability for you to create your own abbreviations. You need to go into the text settings to set it up once. Best part is you will type your abbreviation but the message will pick it up as the full text!

Dictionary: Stuck on the meaning of a word in the article you are reading? Your friend sent you a message with a word that you have no clue of? iPhone dictionary is there to your rescue. Just highlight the word and click on details for the word to understand the meaning of the word.

Extra Character Usage: Are you the one who is really particular about using the absolutely correct punctuations- specially for the French letters, then this one is for you. The extended characters are available when you click on a character and hold it for couple of seconds.

Web Browsing
Private Browsing: Worried about how the internet searched you do on you phone may be used by social advertising and networkes? There is no need to worry now since private browsing can be enabled on iPhone by changing your safari settings.

Reading List: Trying to read an article but pop up ads distracting you? Use the reading list option on your iPhone. The article will be converted to an easy to read text without any ad disruptions.

Scroll to top: Isn’t it irritating to keep on doing up and down scroll to find exactly what you are looking for, special if the article is too lengthy? The help is right at your hand. To scroll to the top of the article just tap on your phone right next to the clock and you will be taken to the top of the article.

Save a Picture: There are times when we are browsing some pictures or articles and would like to save the picture with us. All you need to do is hold onto the picture for couple of seconds. A bar will appear with the option of saving the picture in the phone that can be used at a later stage.

All the features mentioned below may not be path breaking like a really advanced security feature. However, for a day to day usage these features are probably much more important than the really big ones. While flamboyant features are good to be showcased, these small delicate ones are what make our lives simpler day in and day out.

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