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Cortana is a name you might’ve seen mentioned plenty of times during the last year around the talks concerning the new Windows 10. However, if you’ve fallen a bit behind the flow of things when it comes to new technological features, you might barely know what it can really do for you.

Voice commands aren’t necessarily a casual thing for a lot of people, but Cortana seems to make it more relevant than ever before. If you want to make the most out of what Windows 10 offers on mobile, learning more about Cortana and how to use it might be a good idea.


What is Cortana?

Cortana can be found on both PC and mobile, and above all it’s sort of a wise way to explore the world your device as to offer. Cortana isn’t only a way to recognize your voice, but also a quick way to reach key information as you need it. Music is a particularly important topic when it comes to Cortana since since the sound can be recognized and more recommandations and search results can be given to you.

What’s good about Cortana is that it makes the mobile devices of today feel fresh compared to what was released in the past as most people would’ve found some types of searches tedious in the past, and Cortana seems to make them more instantaneous and fun than in the past. Surely, there’s this adaptation period if you’ve never been used to voice commands, but the result is something that feels quite intuitive if you like voice commands instead of typing and searching everything.

How to use Cortana on Android?

Then, if you want to use Cortana on Android, it will require a bit of extra configuration contrarily to Windows Phone users, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary complicated. It’s still a good thing that Microsoft is making some of its tools available to users of other platforms.

Sharing features is a good tool to convince users of the competition to make the switch, and if you want to put your hands on Cortana, which is now an official release, you can do so through the Play Store or through a third party method. The latter will ask that you activate third party content installation of your Android and download the APK file from a trusted source so that everything goes fine.

What to do with Cortana?

Cortana can bring out various information instantaneously for you be it the latest tech videos or else, and part of the fun is trying it out for yourself. There might be some features which you won’t really be feeling or that will simply feel awkward or unnatural, all while some others will literally feel liberating. How many times do you type common URLs like Google or Facebook on your Android phone?

Well, Cortana can now do that for you and you can even forget the end of the URL. This feels dynamic and like you’re using an even more futuristic device. Part of what Cortana can do for you is make your device, which you maybe were thinking about changing, feel sort of brand new. Naturally, Cortana feels quite like the new Windows 10 operating system, and owning a part of it on Android will feel like a great opportunity to a lot of people.

Then, Cortana can not only take care of your navigation, but can also provide information on-the-fly on topics that are happening live such as the weather. Cortana feels like it’s there to listen and help, and as long as you’re well connected, it will most likely bring out the most relevant information that’s available. You can also use it as a shorcut and ask for some information in the form of a question.

With time, you will learn how to best use its features and have it look over some topics more quickly for you. What Cortana can pull can also extend to games and apps. Sports fans can even put it to good use by asking for some key information about the players of their favorite sport. In a lot of ways, Cortana can make your phone an assistant instead of a device you’re always busy typing on.

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