Introducing the Apple’s First Wearable Device: Apple Watch

Apple Watch

With the latest releases of different technological devices, Apple is now going to launch its first wearable watch within 60-90 days.

There has been a huge debate between the tech media as well as fans deciding whether the Apple watch is going to be a massive hit or super flop.

Till date, majority of the Apple fans as well as people have been deciding on which side to look further.

Apple Watch

They have been perplexed for preferring the watch that promises to change the way that the people look at the traditional watches or waiting some time before the judgement finally comes out. As a result, the most common question that everyone must be facing is about why to buy this new device.

There are different types of features as well as technology to look for before heading towards any of the conclusion. So, let us have a brief look at those unexceptional features that the Apple watch manufacturers are promising to grant their users:

Force Touch Technology:

This is a unique feature that uses tiny electrodes around the flexible retina display that distinguishes between a deep press and a light tap. As soon as the Apple watch senses the deep press, it triggers some of the specific controls like the action menu in the Messages or the mode that lets one to choose many different watches.

Retina Display:

The retina display has the high pixel density that makes ultra-convenient to read the numbers along with the text messages. With this, the images as well as graphics would appear sharp as well as attractive.

Digital Crown:

One would be impressed by viewing the age-long Digital Crown in its latest avatar. One could just rotate the Digital Crown to zoom while scrolling it as per the need or requirement of the user. In order to return it to the home screen, one could just push it.

Intimate Notifications:

With the Apple Watch on the wrist, different types of notifications like the call, incoming mails as well as messages would be more intimate to you. As it would be placed on the wrist, one would easily come to know about any kind of notification alert. One can just swipe down to see all the necessary updates.

Designed around Simple Gestures:

The Apple Watch is more often designed around the simple gestures like panning as well as zooming. This would make the navigation pleasantly smooth.

Taptic Engine:

The Taptic Engine is a linear actuator inside the Apple Watch and is well equipped to provide the haptic feedback. It lets you communicate with the other Apple Watch users in various interesting ways.


The Siri has been one of the most appreciative features on the iPad or iPhone since long time. It further involves different features like:

  • Turn-by-turn: One can query about the directions where one wish to go and the Siri map would do the rest for you.
  • Events: This will let you know all the planned events that are scheduled for the present day.
  • Messages: One can ask Siri to send a text message to any of the contacts and ultimately it will do the rest of the things.

Custom-Designed Chip:

The industry’s first customized designed chip would be placed at the heart of the watch that would cover an entire computer system. The chip would be encapsulated in the resin just in order to safeguard the electronics from the impact of elements and wear.

Along with the news of the release of this innovative watch, various deals offering companies like the are offering deals on the purchase of the product. One can view the latest news as well as products new releases on these kinds of deals offering companies.

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