Not enough people get out enjoying the outdoors properly these days.

Much of what used to be known as camping has been replaced by over-prepped “glamping” and “Instagramping”, during which the appreciation of the forest, lakes, and canyons is replaced by an insatiable craving for likes and up votes.

They drive to beautifully secluded and remote parts of the country’s national parks armed with bottles of Evian and a back up battery for their smartphones.

You know exactly who I’m talking about. The ones who want you to buy their new low carb, low sugar protein mix and use their name as a code when you checkout for an additional 5% off.

This isn’t to say having some modern luxuries or promoting healthy living out in the great outdoors is a bad thing. The ones that truly do what they ‘gram about doing should continue to do so.

Those real adventurers who just need the key essentials to make it work out there. A high quality camera, nice trail shoes, protein snacks, and water. There’s no dodging the price of a high quality camera, but the trail shoes can get expensive for something you plan on dirtying up right away.

The smart ones grab a Groupon coupon for Roadrunner Sports and capitalize on some deals. And as for the snacks and water, they hit some local mom and pop gas station or convenience store to load up.

That’s it. Keep it light. You want them to if they’re going to reach that awesome view point and post it for your viewing pleasure. It may even inspire you to get up and go there.

That is after all, their goal To drive up the appreciation of these magnificent lands. A lot of these people love what they do but they also know they’re inviting destruction to the place they happen to be highlighting.

They give up prime locations to the Instagrammers and their marketing schemes, but there’s still a select group who will use it for the right reasons. And to those folks, you tip your cap.

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