Important Factors for Building Up Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage Solutions

Past few years have seen an exponential rise in the number of small startups. While this has been seen as a positive trend in commerce, it does bring along certain challenges with it. These challenges include heavy dependence on technology and global connectivity. In such a technology heavy scenario, security, confidentiality and accessibility of data become of prime importance. Besides this, effective use of data in a connected business environment is another important need of the hour.

Fortunately, there have been advancements in technology that have provided innovative solutions to these challenges. Cloud storage has become one of the most sought after business need these days. Cloud storage services lighten the hard disks of customers and place data into highly connected and secure devices.

Let us have a sneak peek into some of the factors for building up cloud storage solutions:

Continuous Syncing
Data syncing makes sure that your files remain updated at all times. Most of the vendors of cloud computing services offer a ‘versioning’ feature that gives you access to different versions of a single file uploaded with the same name.

Regular Data Backups
Improperly managed data backup system is one of the prime reasons for data loss. When you resort to cloud storage, you automatically eliminate the need to backup the data yourself as the cloud service does that for you. Your storage is connected directly to the cloud server where multiple backups are automatically created at different locations synced to each other. Any changes that you make are also reflected in real time at all locations.

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Consistency and Reliability
There can be several reasons for data loss including natural disasters, internet connectivity issues, power failures etc. however, with cloud storage, all these factors are taken care of because your data is stored at different locations. This gives you a reliable and consistent data backup which does not give up even if all the above mentioned threats to your data occur at once.

Global Data Connectivity
A lot of businesses work in small teams separated from each other by huge distances in both space and time. It is therefore necessary that there is a service that allows access from a centralized location. Cloud services allow you to access data from any part of the world. They also allow several users to access data simultaneously with different data rights for different users. With data sync in place, all updates come into effect in real time allowing the users access to the most updated version of their data.

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Most small business owners would concur that investing thousands of dollars to secure data is not feasible. However, with cloud storage services, it is possible to protect your data with minimal investment. Good cloud storage companies take several measures to keep your data safe.

Here are few of those:

  • Storage of data in encrypted form so that it is accessible only with a unique encryption id.
  • Regular virus scans and security checks to detect and eliminate potential threats.
  • Implementation of multiple security layers to ensure that only authorized persons get access to data.
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There are no two ways about the fact that the factors mentioned above are the real drivers behind businesses opting for cloud storage. With cloud storage facilities improving day by day, time is not far when all businesses, big or small will be on cloud and external storage devices will be a thing of the past.

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed server virtualization and cloud computing service provider company. Whereas the trusted localised and authorised Vmware business partner in Portland, Oregon.

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