Important Things You Consider Before Buying A Smart Phone?


Buying a new smart phone shouldn’t be a process that you rush through.

There are several important things to consider depending upon your lifestyle, your need of a smart device and your usage.

Regardless of whether you are upgrading or getting your first smart phone, here are certain features that should be precisely focused upon.


Do you usually carry your phone in your jeans pockets, belt pouch, or a briefcase? Depending on the ways you like to carry your phone, you will need to choose the right screen dimensions. Screens below 5 inches are easy to be carried in the trouser pockets, but if you are looking to get a bigger phone, you will also need to carry an extra pouch / casing /bag to keep it safe.

Not only is the screen size important but modern smartphones also present a sleek look. Hold various phones and judge them for comfort of carrying. Portability is one of the most important things to consider if you have a busy life.

Do u intent to text too much?
If you are in the habit of texting and emailing using your phone, it is better to go for a model that presents bigger keys. A physical keyboard (QWERTY handsets) can be useful tool in this case. Too much texting can actually make your phone slow and usage more inconvenient.

Battery backup
Battery life can make or break an amazing looking phone with great features. For smart phone owners, battery life has always been key to making a choice. Again depending upon your lifestyle, you will need to check upon the battery life a handset promises.

If you are an outdoor kind of guy, long hours of battery life is important than if you travel between your home and workplace. You may also consider spare batteries or portable smart phone chargers if you don’t want to lose out on a deal just because the handset present low battery life. Also, if your work is mostly outdoors during the day, you will have to keep the brightness levels at higher levels. This will again drain out excessive power.

In many online shops, portable chargers and phones come in a single package, with integrated discounts.

Operating system
The most popular OS in smartphones today is an Android and the iOS. The choice really depends on your habits. Android is more user friendly than iOS but the later has the advantage of faster performance. Also, some buyers would be more comfortable with Blackberry and Windows interfaces and consequently get a smart phone integrating their OS.

A phone is no longer a device just to make and receive calls. Today, smart devices are like mini computers wherein you can browse the internet, communicate over social networking sites, take picture, create videos, play games, send emails, store data and a whole lot of other things. Depending upon the functionality you would be better off with, there would be a particular bunch of smartphones to choose from.

While the smart phone market is regularly updated with new devices and interfaces coming up, every new buyer should give sufficient amount of time into research. Getting a smart phone in a hurry will only land up p in disappointment. There are many alternatives. Choose the one that best fits your demands, expectations and budget.

Linda Page is a Tech Columnist for Hot Bargain Phones and a community manager for many Forums. She loves writing information-rich blogs on Android and iOS devices.

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