Top 10: JPEG Compressor Software, Image Optimization Tools 2018

Image Optimization Tool

Optimization of large pictures gets very much necessary before going to upload them to different social media resources. In this case, it needs a software tool on your device for undergoing the process. With the increasing competition; the number of best JPEG compressor software is also increasing at a very fast pace. Here is the list of top 10 JPEG compressor software on the market today:

JPEG Optimizer:
It is one of the most popular simple image optimization tools which help to enable you to compress and upload your JPEG images online. It comprised of image compression level bar which makes it easier in terms of compressing the image as per your need. It also enables you to resize your images if you need.

It is an amazing image optimization tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. The software tool enables you to convert and compress the images files as per your need without affecting their picture quality.

It is one of the finest image optimization tools which reproduce the quality of your images from the lowest possible file size. The software is perfectly designed to compress your JPEG and PNG files. You can go for uploading twenty images for compressing them simultaneously. It also enables you to view the compressed files in the form of a slider before undergoing the final process.
It is a best online tool basically designed and developed for compressing your JPEG files; it helps in reducing the size of your images without affecting their picture quality. The software tool supports 4 file formats i.e. JPEG, PNG, GIF, & SVG.

Kraken is a good image compressing tool that enables the user to compress bulk of photos and then to optimize them as lowest file sizes. The software is absolutely free to use on. If you are looking for the advanced version; you can easily choose the pro version of this software tool.
It is another online image compressor tool which reduces the file size without affecting its picture quality. The software tool is available free of cost at online stores and hence you now don’t need to pay anything for optimizing your pictures.

Image Recycle:
Image Recycle is considered to be the wonderful image compressing software tool which helps to enable for compressing JPEG, PNG, and GIF file images with impressive results. It includes a drag and drop option to optimize your photos. The tool is well designed to analyze your website which further lead to get to know about the performance of your website and the pictures needed to be optimized.

The software tool is perfectly designed and developed to be used on Windows. It is a free open source image compressor which works well on PNG, BMP and JPG file formats. It includes a very simple and fast interface which makes it very easy to work on. Along with image optimization; the software also supports, batch processing, instant preview, resizing, custom user profile and much more.

It is a one of the finest software tools which enables you to remove EXIF and metadata from your images. It perfectly compresses your images with retaining their original picture quality.

Online Image Optimizer:
Image Optimizer is one of the most popular software applications which optimizes your images from different file formats and hence enables you to load your images on website faster.

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