Huawei Ascend Mate 7: Full phone specifications, features, comparison

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

What do you know about Chinese phones? They are cheap, plastic, poorly adapted? Whatever, Huawei Ascend Mate 7 breaks all our stereotypes? It’s big, has serious characteristics, metal body and a fingerprint scanner. And it’s expensive, to be exact – on the level.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 comes in a solid black box of thick cardboard hiding power cable microUSB, Adapter 5V and 2A, a simple headset, a special clip to extract SIM-cards and, of course, Mate 7. Packaging in general is made with taste, quality and a feeling that in front of you is dear thing.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Accessories such impressions do not produce: the usual stuff-cords of white plastic. The first thing that catches your eye is the frame. They are thin (about 2.9 mm), and the screen occupies 83 percent of the total area of the front side of the smartphone. In comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus, the figure is 73%, and Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – 80%.

Despite the fact that the engineers have tried to make the most compact body dimensions still being felt. The device is large and very much so. Due to the tapered rear corners of Mate 7 it is relatively successful in your hand. Because of the all-metal body it is a bit slippery. Of course, not like the iPhone 6, but the risk of accidentally dropping the gadget is still present. The main body machined from a single piece of metal.

The top and bottom on the back of it is seen that used plastic inserts. They hide under the antenna of the phone. Sneak main camera slightly above the surface, but the area of fingerprint scanner on the contrary – is slightly recessed.

To the left of the camera is Simplex LED flash. And from a small perforation in the metal located multimedia speaker. Sound through it very loud. Miss a call in a noisy street is likely to be difficult. Above the screen there are the usual organs “feelings” of any modern device: a light sensor and proximity, the LED responsible for the various notifications eye front camera and mesh earpiece.

Touch keys are part of the interface and can be set from the menu, and hide when it is needed, or at all times. On the right side are the volume keys and power button to wake up the device.

Left side is occupied by two trays, one of which is used as a carrier for the SIM-card (the standard Micro), another – for the memory card. On the upper side there is a hole microphone and audio output of 3.5 mm and the lower one microphone jack and microUSB.

Overall impression of the smartphone is very positive.
Thing is really high quality, reliable and looks expensive. And it’s Chinese, for a moment. But it has challenged the Samsung and Apple. And now Huawei is planning to launch something similar to upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

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