The New HTC One M10 Beast of Next Generation

HTC One M10

In this generation of such technical advancements and developments, it is very important to be updated and stand at par with the up gradation.

For this reason, smart phones have always helped meet the cause and helped us in all spheres. In the race of smart phones HTC has always been one of the best players and hence this time the big shot is back with one of its best developments again.

The all-new HTC One M10 is going to be the next update from the big house and has a lot of dreams to chase.

HTC One M10

HTC One M10 is believed to be the next generation beast. Other brands have always come up with new models with recent successions but HTC has its own time of stepping in the market and once it does, it takes all the credits and gets a clean swipe of all the applause. HTC has always been famous and in the limelight for its time it takes to launch. The same goes for the HTC One M10. The release date is yet to be revealed but it is expected to hit the markets in the early 2016.

Ready for the new hardware?
Talking about the different specifications of the model, it has to take a long list of good will. Starting with the processor, it is installed with the super fast and powerful snapdragon processor with a QUALCOMM 820/82X chipset. Moreover it would be backed up with an outa-core technology to make it even better and faster. With the storage part, HTC has taken care and has made an internal storage of 4GB RAM. This can be expandable till 128GB. The HTC One M10 has a dual SIM facility with the fact that of nano-SIM card support.

The Special Camera to record clear smiles
For the users who would like to click pictures, HTC can b a reason of happiness. HTC One M10 has a 27 megapixels camera, which acts as both front and rear camera with face detection technology in it. Now it’s even better to click pictures of any type. Formerly the problem of going to different places and not having a memory of the place was sad. The phones either didn’t have a good camera or the place was not well lit. But now, with the all-new HTC One M10, one can click superb pictures however be the situation. Adding to the matter of fact that HTC One M10 has front camera of 27 megapixels! Which phone has ever provided that? Hence, now clicking selfies is more interesting and clear.

Display and Battery of HTC One M10
The “HTC One M10” has a display of 5 inches that gives an image of both 2K and 4K resolutions. This simply means that a phone display with a more than full HD image,the device would be equipped with a 3500 mAh battery that would have a lot of charge back up during the discharging phase too.

HTC One M10 has been made with a very new design that gives it a stylish look and makes it look sturdy too. Along with that it has two very powerful stereo speakers that would enable the entertainment factor in a great deal.

Get ready for the surprise
The all-new HTC One M10 is supposed to hit in the 2016 and hence the company has a lot of expectations on it. All that can be done for now is fingers crossed!

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